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>>>> Degradation Of Our Academic Sector and Production of Half-Breed Graduate. WHO IS TO BLAME?

A. Government
B. Student
C. Lecturers
Point to Note: There are over a 100 Tractors at the Anambra State University(ANSU ) Igbariam, but None of The students In the Faculty of AgricultureCan Boast of Driving it Perfectly.

We are glad you received the arguement with great enthusiasm, and below are a few of Your answers.

1. Sanddollar Onwubiko:
Blame d governmt! Wat u gabbage-in is wat u receive as output or gabbage-out. Poor infrastructure, instable policies, n constant neglegience of education towards national developmt. Can u find a saint in a satan’s kingdom?

2. Olayinka Blessing:
Students! Since the advent of blackberry, student get distracted through facebooking and 2go. They no longer read their books. Too pathetic!

3. Orimoloye Olasunkanmi:
All of the above. @vnti education is in its worst state cause government is not taking it serious, while students have become addicted to facebooking without or little reading whereas asuu have compounded everything with there demand andgovernment supply tactics to make education worse as it is. I rest my case.

4. Akintola Abraham Noble Xeyi:
if we are to talk about production of half breed academics i think the students areto be blame coz, dat deals with our morals as you can see the N.B above ……i think there is nothing bad to do some kinda personal researches on their own……. i think we shouldn’t depend on when the lecturers is take us out for excursions and wait when the government will produce materials for a school when they have the issue of boko haram, power sectors, subsidy stuffs, even figthing for post and the issue of protecting their own family from bombs on ground……… .ASUU go eat now after all they all have their families to provide for……LOL… .we are the one to seat tight and believe no matter what i’m going to make something of my education…… …we shouldn’t lay our bed as we av seen someone Else’s …… we should always keeep going no matter what..but who strnthen is the ALMIGHTY GOD……let’s pray for a brighter future for a betternigeria….than ks to all my friends reading this!

5. Moses Alagu:
Any student dat fail should blame him/ herself.Just of recent mechnical eng students of Ansu emerged winner of d world challenge quiz.To me students are darchitect of any of their academic failure.Read nd ask question nd b ready to b on d world.

6. Joel Aruwa:
Students of course.we do not like to do the right thing to get knowledge- we wantevery thing served hot and quick

7. Oluwamodupe Debby:
Student is to be blame,we u ask d great pple of great nation they av alot t tell,cos they realy prepare themselve in terms ot reading,they go extra mile t build themselve,they dont depend on wat d economy is sayins or wat d lecturer teach.wen u think d goverment is t be blame or lecture etc.u ar jst betting about d ursef for a better tomoro.

8. Uba Faith:
Every1 of dem shld b blamed,4rm student who r nt ready 2read, 2leatures who rnt ready 2do d jobs dey r paid4, 2asuu who go on unnescry strikes, d so calld govnt

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