VERY WICKED AND INHUMANE: Rivers State Government still Yet to Pay NYSC corps Members after 3 Month: New members, Take Note.

It is a terrible thing to know that the government of Rotimi Amaechi and the entire Rivers state are still yet to pay the hardworking corps members who spent their time serving the Rivers state government diligently.

The affected individuals have been so bitter about it all this while and have been calling on the Federal government to Intervene in the Issue and salvage the situation.

This is nothing more than an inhuman treatment and an insult to our nation and hardworking graduates if the state is finding it difficult to pay these workers their hard earned N10,000 monthly salary for the past three months.

A serving member of the present NYSC batch A serving at Rivers state, who pledged Anonymous complained thus;

“What rivers is doing quite unfair,since three months they to pay batch A,2011and the batch will soon pass out,and i have reported to NYSC secretariat in port harcout,and they refused to talk to the state governor concerning us,despite the fact that they earlier promised to work hand in hand for our allowance.
pls we plead to the federal governmentt,or our vip to help us talk to the river state government.”

What kind of image due you think this represents to our country, and what kind of future does the state plans for this individuals.
This is sheer wickedness, if a state as Rivers, cannot afford to pay these Corps members their salary.

The federal government should please intervene in this issue.


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  1. I have not recieved my #110,000 state allowance from rivers state since feb.2013 2012 batch A passed out. my fellow nigerians this is MADNESS. For a year and eight months now. they are really playing with nigerian youths.No employment opportunities ,No jobs.Give us our state allowance lets do something meaningful with our lives they refuse to give us .they are joking with our future our destiny. This is really not good.everybody should hear!!! IS THAT HOW TO MAKE NIGERIA GREAT? Our leaders should answer this.

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