The University of Nigeria, Nsukka(UNN), today cancelled the 2012/2013 post-utme screening exercise of candidates for admission as Institution accepts inefficiency.

The UNN post-utme screening questions according to the University management, have been found to have leaked out, before the actual commencement of the days examination on monday.
Tuesday became worse than the former as candidates who came for the screening exercise were seen shading their scripts before even getting their questions.

Despite the cancellation, the University of Nigeria(UNN), however set a new record by being the FIRST NIGERIAN UNIVERSITY to take an all Night screening examination.
Candidates sitting for Medicine and Surgery, and obtained a UTME score ranging from 243 to 273 were made to sweat it yesterday, at the University as the students commenced their examination as late as 11pm.

VNTI REPORTER gathered from the students and invigilators alike as investigations into the late screening exercise continues.
According to the reporter, candidates for the UNN post-utme screening, in the departments of medicine and Nursing, came to their various centres as early as 8am, as was stipulated on the schedule sheet.

These candidates confessed that they did not take any sort of food during their preparations, in a bid to make an early presence in the examination hall.
For candidates with the UTME score highlighted above, it wasn’t until 11am that the supervisor incharge commenced the rooster call of candidates into the examination hall(EKPO CONVOCATION ARENA).
Names numbering 3000+ were called in a single file till 4:00pm in the Afternoon, when everyone was fully sitted.

Distribution of OMR answer sheets, began at the same time, only to end at 7pm in the evening.
At this time, visibility has been impaired as there was no light in the centre(EKPO CONVOCATION ARENA) for candidates to continue the screening process, else, mistakes would be recorded.

As a result of the power failure, at UNN BIGGEST HALL, Candidates for the screening were asked to move to the New Nnamdi Azikiwe(NNA) library, in order to utilize the power therein to complete their examinations.

The move from Ekpo Convocation Arena, to the University Library could be perfectly described by the Isrealites Journey to Jerusalem from babylon, as the candidates trooped in their numbers while being guided by security forces present.

The journey to the library, and the complete arrangement of candidates for the examination, was not complete Until 10pm in the Night.

At this point, A female candidate who came for the examination, fainted in the hall where Medicine candidates, are to take their examination, at the Library basement. Thanks to the Invigilators around who took the situation to heart, she was successfully revived.

The examination finally commenced that night by the Hour of 11pm with all candidates in action for the battle of supremacy.
Screening ended by 12pm midnight as the university struggled to defend her honour as one of Nigerian biggest Institution.

The Screening exercise however, has been defined as a massive failure, as the University today, announced the cancellation, of both the taken, and the yet to be taken examination.

The New date for the screening exercise, is still yet to be announced, but, join us on facebook here: www.facebook.com/VNTI.NIGERIA to be dully informed when it is announced.

Sincere apologies goes to all candidates who sat for the examination, as well as their parents who all came from far distances, to see their wards through this, only to be notified of the latest developments.

More updates on the dates coming soon.

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  1. 27th and 28th of july is the Date the school announced. VNTI is trying in it’s bid to help nigerian Students

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