From the analysis of the last UNN POST UME Results, The general result was very poor. Most candidates who sat for the screening exercise, scored below 200 in the exam and this has left most people worried.

Reports even had it that girl attempted suicide in Enugu State, because she scored low in the POST UME. The fact is that people passed the exam and people also failed the exam. At least the highest mark that we have recorded so far is 290 and the lowest being zero.

Based on the cut off mark, Since 2010, the University stopped publishing cut off points online. We cannot tell the reason for that. For now The speculation have it that the general cut off point is 140, but the University have not said anything based on that. We promise to update you on any latest info based on the cut off points.

We wish to enlighten you, that it is not the end of life. The result cannot determine how your future will be. Its only God that knows the plans he has for you. Never Give up. The fastest runner is not always the winner. The fact is that its not all about where you graduated from but what is graduating from you.

We at VNTI Nigeria, will continue doing our best to guide you through this and every admission process, to ensure that you all would be among the individuals whose matriculation we would be attending next session, through Gods Grace.

We wish you all the best.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. Pls i score 174 avrge,4 electrns Eng. Dept, any 4 me 2 get admin.?

  2. I scored 185 average in computer science. Do i have a chance pls .

  3. Wht’s d highest score so far in med.&surg. & Medical radiography respectivly in ds unn 2012/2013 pume results

  4. Avatar Victor Iyke.. says

    Plz.. can one help me? I’m so scared! I scored 208 in jamb, 193.32 in post ume & I’m going 4 Biochem. I’m so much in need of admission dis year… My no. is dis.. 08136489697

    • @Victor, If you do not make the first list, which should be out soon, we would let you know of available courses, during the supplementary admission.

  5. Avatar doncastle05 says

    Pls i need to know the general cut off mark someone help me with it pls

  6. Tanks, got scared wen i went to browse cut off and it was lie b4 i saw ur post.my score was 223 for radiography. wats ma faith

    • @Amaka, Just have faith, you might make it, performance was generally low this session, so that would result in a low cut-off

  7. My average is 221, am applyin for mass com. Do i have a chance???

  8. Plz ma average z 213,any hp 4 me,ma course z economics

  9. Avatar Chidiebere says

    I score 180.5 in my post ume average, what is my chance of getting radiography

    • @Chidiebere, its not likely for you to get radiography. Do opt for the change of course form after List 1 is published

  10. Pls hope you wouldn’t mind publishing the UNN post utme score statistics, [b](IF POSSIBLE)[/b]

  11. Pls I hope you wouldn’t mind publishing the UNN post utme score statistics.

  12. I got 217 in jamb & 230 in post utme for med & surg. Any hope for me?

  13. Avatar george uche says

    does that are destined
    to make it will

  14. I score 189.5 average 4 law any chance

  15. Avatar onyekachi says

    good day,sir,i m onyekachi from enugu.please, i really need your help in securing admission into this noble academic institution-unn. can i secure admission with my post ume = 220 and jamb 207 economics? your quick reply will save life.thank you sir.

  16. pls i score 171.5 avarage ,want to study biochem,eny hope for me?

  17. I scored 150 in post ume and 215 in jamb. How do I calculate my average. I chose banking and finance, what is my chance of gettin admission?

  18. 218 for jamb and 220 for post ume.Average being 219.Am for pol sci..Do I have d chance of making it?

  19. I scored 219 in jamb and 182 average and i applied 4 microbiology,do i hav any hope? That’s my number 07031944217

  20. Avatar reggae boi says

    pls bro, clear me..If d school general cut off is brought down to 140, does it mean dat dose who scored below 140 in d post-utme but have a higher average wont have any hope of admission?? Cos i scored 252 in Jamb but scored 133 in post-utme, and my average is 192, does it mean i wont get, even botany

  21. I scored 179 for theatre arts do i av any chance

  22. Avatar Nwonu mercy says

    Pls when should we be expecting the admission list. For that of unn.

  23. Pls Sir,i scored 224 in jamb nd score 187 average in ume nd i applied maktin,wot re my chances.

  24. Sir, got an average score of 250.5 and my prospective course is pharmacy, what are my chances sir

  25. Sir Thanks a lot for your wonderful information. pls my average is 203 and applied for mass communication. Please what is my possibility of getting an admission into Unn.

  26. Avatar charlesdouglas says

    pls i score 180 in my post-ume,230 in my jamb and my average 206.5 and my course is estate management,what’s my chance.

  27. Please what is the cut off mark for vet med..scored 182..and when wil the admission list b out?

  28. pls sir, d 140 cutoff mark, pls wea z it gotten frm? Is it 4rm d p.utme score or d average score?, bc0s i got 140 in my p.utme score and my average score is 188….pls help xplain to me….lemme knw my stand.. God blesses us all…

  29. Avatar Onyintology says

    4rm Ebonyi state,going 4 buz management,average 210….wotz my fate?

  30. Pls sir i made 270 in my post ume and had 238 in jamb wit an avrage of 254..i’m goin for political science wuld i be taken?..pls a quick reply wuld do

  31. Avatar Chukwu hart jane says

    With God n faith we all we get admissn in jesus name my pume score is 200 my jamb score 265 avrge 232.5 i knw i will mk it

  32. pls sir i scored 220 in my jamb and 130 in the post ume exam, making a total of 175, nd going for accounting, do i have any hope atall? 08097158550 my number, pls help me out

  33. I got 248 jamb and 230 pume, average 239, %= 59.75, from anambra, 1st choice unn, dept nursing, wots my chance lyk bro.

  34. Pls, i got 241 in jamb and 113 in post utme, my average is 177. Wil i mak it into mech engineering??

  35. Pls Sir VNTI my avrage score is 210.5 and i applied for Law in Unn,pls sir what is my chance of getting admitd ? Thank 4 ur help sir

  36. Plz sir,can sum1 b adimttd into anoda dept if he/she doesnt meet d cut off their intial dept wifout shoppin form?

  37. Pls u havnt given a response 2 my question…

  38. I scored 270 in the pume…nd 238 in my jamb an average of 254…applied for political science…wuld i be taken in??

  39. Avatar Collins chinonso says

    I scored 229 in my jamb n 180 in my pume, with an avarage score of 204.5 going 4 acconting wat is it lyk


  41. Pls i want some one 2 help me explain dis,i scored 204 in my pume and my aggregate is 210,i applied for Electrical engineering in A.B.U ,pls wat is my chance in gaining admission.pls i need a reply.

  42. Pls sir vnti wuld a score lyk dat i.e 254 be makin it 2 d 1st list?

  43. Pls waz d chances of average 198.5 and pume 190 in linguistics?

  44. I scored 160 for my postutme nd 205 for jamb nd my average is 182.5 .vntiwat my chances for admiss

  45. I scored 191 in my A.B.U exams applied 4 chemical eng. Wot is my chance of gaining admission deir or they can give me another course.

  46. I scored 176.66 average, pls sir do i hv hope 4 mechanical engineering

  47. Please sir, i scord 140 in pume and 218 in jamb. Do i have a chance of geting admision into social work. Pls reply.

  48. pls i scored 204 average do i have chance of getting admission into econs, if not when is supplementary coming out, pls contact me 08032864853

  49. Pls i scored 205 in jamb n 157.5 average in pume, i applied 4 health edu, n unn as first choice, sir do i ve any chance in securing admission in unn? I really need dis admission cos dis is ma forth time

  50. I scord 197.5 as my average score is there any chance of me getting admision in po.sci.unn

  51. Sir, i scored 234 in jamb, 166.68 in post-ume and my average score is 200.34. Will I be admitted for pure & industrial chemistry

  52. I scored 226 in jamb and 120 in putme wit an average score of 173 wats my chance of getting biochem or do i shop 2 botany?

  53. 212 in jamb 200 in pume .Average 206 2nd choice vet med am i gud to go vnti

  54. Avatar princepoga says

    sir i scord 236 in jamb and 210 post ume so my average is 223 what are my chances in pub admin, pls sir enlighten me my no 07069113590 GOD bless as u do dat sir.

  55. sir pls scored 246 in my jamb n 270 in my post ume going 4 med lab science in unn.. pls sir wat ar my chances

  56. Sir,i got 252 in jamb n 160 in d post ume n my average being 206,im frm akwa ibom wat ar my chances of gettin admission dis yr into buz management?pls do reply.

  57. Avatar samson owor says

    i bliv dt if its de wil f Go 4 me 2 b admitted dis year into unn as a law student ntin nt even my low average score cn stop it frm comin 2 pass.cos i bliv in Gods wrd and i fink u out der shud do same!

  58. Pls sir i score 223 in my jamb nd my pume is 150,d total is 186.5 any chance 4 me ACC department in UNN 1st choice.my phone no 08036768566 pls help me sir tnx!

  59. Avatar onuoha jennifer says

    Tank u sir for dis opportunity bt I scored 216 in my jamb and 190 in my ptume wats my chances of getting admission into unn for mass.com

  60. Pls vnti,,,my jamb is 227 n pume 200 averg is 213.5 pharmacy..anyhop of getn admitd atall? Pls i need ur ever helpin reply..thanks

  61. D trut z dat many ppl scored 300 n abov in unn postume. D highest score so far z 390………bt wit God al tins ar posible

  62. Avatar Onyeuwaoma florence says

    Sir i got 130 as my post ume score nd 258 as my jamb score nd my average is 194.pls sir wat re my chances 4 me to get the course public administration.God bless u sir as u answer my question

  63. My advise 4 jambite is 2 all prepare 4 shortfall,if worse cm 2 worse

  64. Sir ur urgent reply can save a toad 4rm dying,l got 226.5 for civil engr am 2nd choice candidate do l have hope for the course

  65. Avatar Eruditedon says

    I scored 251 in jamb and 208 in post utme and my course is pharmacy,what’s my fate sir

  66. Avatar Nnachi mba says

    Admission list from nekede poly

  67. sir had 248 in jamb 200 in pume withs an avrg of 224,i apllied for law.i’m aware my chances are very slim but i wld like to knw the probability of getting anoda course

  68. Plz sir,i scored 233 in jamb,n 140 in post ume,average 186.5.appliyn 4 Nursing.is there any hope of me getn admission in unn?

  69. Avatar Udeh michael says

    Pls sir VNT I scored 207 in jamb and 190 in pume and i got an average of 198.5.wat is my chances of getting admission dis year,4 applied 4 pol science,and pls contact me in case of d supplementary form.08065172154.pls sir a quick respond will be appreciated

  70. Avatar Udeh michael says

    Pls sir VTNI u have not replied me

  71. wat r my chcz of getn med. radiography wt ave of 224? 4rm abia state

  72. i scored 174 as my average would i be taken 4 computer science

  73. Pls sir i had 230 aggregate, what are my chances for med. & surg.

  74. Pls sir i had 230 nd im going for med. surg do i hv any chance?

  75. I got 207.5 in my ptume..n i wnt 2 study biochem…is dia any lower course?

  76. Avatar jerrrrrrrr says

    i score 228 jamb and 250 post ume everag 239, sociology pls wht is my chance am frm delta

  77. Avatar okoro stella says

    i got 155 in pume and i want to study theatre art,in unn sir is there any hope for me?

  78. Sir vitni,guad day, I got 203 in ma jamb nd 180 in my screening wit d average of 191.1. Plz sir wat is my chance of getin admited into Combined Biological Science(C B S)?

  79. Sir u’v nt answerd my question

  80. My AV is 201 going 4 med lab

  81. i scored a total average of 232 nd am goin 4 law, wht r my chances///

  82. sir pls i wld like tew confirm frm you if unn has released it’s primary list?nd must u buying shopping form like for me i applied unn second choice for pshycology i want to knw if it’s pssibl for them to give you anoda course without buying the supplementary form??your earnest reply would be appreciated

  83. Sir i scored 233 in jamb,140 in p ume,an average of 186.5.applied 4 nursing.i want 2 knw if der is any hope of me getn admission

  84. Pls sir,wats d cutoff 4 mechanical Engineering..,got an average score of 246.34,if its GOD’s will,i will make it.

  85. Hi!i got 223 in my jamb and in my pume 170.my aggregate ws 196.5!pls vnti wat are my chances for banking and finance?pls i need ur reply urgently!

  86. Avatar Mmaduabuchi says

    Sir, kodos 4 your wonderful work. Sir VNTI Pls, I applied for Psychology as first choice course for UNN. My jamb score is 237 & my putme score is 220 with an average of 228.5.Any chances for admission sir? I need a reply.

  87. bro pls i got avrage of 193.5 wat ar my chances into elect engr waitin bro

  88. Plz i want 2 knw d cut off mark fr home economics department plz help me.

  89. Avatar Danielpaul says

    please sir VNTI… I had an average of 243 and went for microbiology.. Please i’d like to know my fate.. Please sir.. Your quick response will be appreciated..

  90. 140 pume 244 jamb. Wat’s my chances 4 cbs

  91. Pls vnti , can average of 251.75 get me a seat in marketin. I’m a unn aspirant

  92. Gud morni sir,plz u’v nt answerd my questn 4 d past 3days nw.

  93. Iii.plz is der any chances of me gettn admission in2 nursing,wit d average of 186.5

  94. my average iz 244 for med. Rehab. What iz my faith @ dis admission

  95. Plz sir i got an average of 186.5.wats my chance of getn admisn in2 nursin.ur quick response wil save lyf

  96. Pls sir i scod 219 in ume nd 220 in pume wt an av. Score of 219.5, applied for nursing in unn. Wats my probility of being admited.

  97. I scod 215 in jamb,250 in putme and an average of 232.5. Wat are my chances of getting med. Lab. Sci

  98. Avatar Chommypretty says

    Gudday admin,pls i scored 204 in jamb,150 in d post ume,Average of 177,4 Educatn social science,pls wat ar my chances.tnx

  99. Avatar Prince desmond says

    Gud day sir, wil unn admit second choice candidate that meet his/her state cut off mark?

  100. Sir pls I would like to know my chances of getting admission into unn with an average of 204 for English and Literary studies..Also would want to know how to purchase supplimentry form and when it will be too late to purchase..Urgently need your reply thank you sir..

  101. Pls sir; my average score is 181, so I wanna know if d score is okay 4 Masscom.

  102. My average in unn is 157.5,nd my course is med lab. Do i hav d chance 2 b given anoda course? Sir

  103. i had 210 as my post ume score nd 222 as my average..applying for fine nd applied art..any hope

  104. pls sir i scored 219 as my jamb score and 180 as pume wit an average of 199.5 do i hav a chance of gettin admission for business education

  105. sir,my average mark is 192.5,for Mass com,pls i want to know my chances of getting admission

  106. Sir,plz i want 2 knw my chances of gettn admission in2 unn,wit an average of 186.5 for nursin.plz i nid ur ans 2 dis

  107. I got an avrage of 223.9. Do i hav any hope for med lab at unn?

  108. My chemistry result was not published in the post ume, can it be sorted out?

  109. Got average 239; will i get a slot @ nursing sc. 4rm anambra 1st choice unn

  110. Plz watz d cutoff mark 4 mass com nd wen shld we b expectin d supplementary form

  111. Pls sir i got 179 as av any hop 4 med&surg? Pls

  112. Avatar Kelechi Egbulonu says

    I wnt to knw d cut off mark for comp sc cos i scored 164 as my average,pls smbody shud help me so dat i can knw d way forward.

  113. sir,you have not answer my question,my average is 192.5 for mass com,what are my chances

  114. dear sir vnti, I’ve seen so many of the replies you’ve
    given students and it’s been helpful. I’m also a unn aspirant. I had a jamb score of 243 and p.ume score of 270. Average’s 256.5. What are my chances for medicine and surgery. Pls I’ll be grateful if u reply

  115. Plz sir i scored 221 in jamb nd 213 in pume..Nd an average ov 217…Wot r mi chances ov gtin Geology in UNN ?

  116. Sir my average score is 180.5 and am goin 4 banking and finance what are my chances

  117. Sir my average score is 180.5 and am goin 4 banking and finance what are my chances in unn

  118. Pls sir, i hav an average o 181 and am going 4 banking and finance. Watz my faith plz? Tanx

  119. My agregate is 232 4 biochemistry in imsu do i have hope

  120. Gud evening sir,i scored 246 n Jamb &300 n UNN post ume,my average is 273 & %=68.25.Pls do i av any hope of getting admission 4 med/surg.i’m 4rm Abia State.thanks and God bless

  121. Avatar UC ART EKWUEME says

    Good Day Sir, i *got 202 Jamb , 170 post UME

    AVERAGE 188 , Psycology

    Hmmm so poor, though I wish for the best . Any advice . ? ? ? 08181373345

  122. Avatar elizabeth eke says

    plz i had 230 in my jamb nd pume i scored 150 my average is 190,would i d admission for biz management in unn

  123. Avatar kingsley ugwu says

    sir my aggregate is 218 n am going for biochemistry any hope

  124. Avatar Okereke kenneth says

    Pls is there any science course i can offer without crediting biology nd chemistry in my ssce(waec) pls if there is any let me no through my mail or no. Pls 07030369510

  125. Gud day sir, sir u hav not ans my questn i said i put in 4 public admin and my score is 174 as my aggre, sir ani hop

  126. Gud day sir, sir u hav not ans my questn i said i put in 4 public admin and my score is 174 as my aggre, sir ani hop for me u cn save my soul if u reply

  127. Gud morning sir! My exam details are:1st choice candidate; jamb score=246; post ume=300; average=273; %=68.25; school of choice=UNN.Pls sir,wat’s my hope of getting med/surg in UNN? Pls help me sir am eager to know.thanks

  128. Pls sir i got average of 216 going for mechanical Engr. Can I make it there. Pls I nid an urgent answer. Thank u sir’

  129. I scord 226 in jamb n 206 in pume,average score 216,wots d chance of getin pure n ind.chem

  130. Avatar Onyintology says

    Plz i av nt gotten any ans 4 my questn 4 d past 1 week,i’m gonna ask again plz try and ans me plz…i’m 4rm Ebonyi state going 4 buz management,average score 210. Wot are my chances

  131. Avatar Onyintology says

    Plz reply nah,210 going 4 management,4rm Ebonyi state

  132. Pls sir, i scored 170 average in pume,applied 4 mass com.,do i hv hope in getn admission?

  133. Pls keep us posted wen d admission list wuld be out

  134. Avatar Victor Godwin says

    Hello Sir! plz, i got 215 in my UTME, 213 in my PUTME, average of 214. Applied 4 Biochemistry. Plz is there any hope of admission? Plz reply soon.

  135. plz sir,i gat 244 in jamb,213.33 in pume..datz an averag of 229 in unn frm abia state,any hope?

  136. I scored 260 PUME, average 251. I applied for masscomm, UNN, any chances?
    Help me. I’ll appreciate your reply.

  137. Pls, all candidates for masscomm, post your scores, so we know our prospects.

  138. Avatar Onoh chidera celina(C.C ONOH) says

    Bless u ar sir.iv got 150 in pume,232 in Jamb,averag 191,sir pls wat are my chancss in getn admittd.mass comm


  140. sir you have not answer my question,i got 192.5 going for mass com,what are my chances of getting admission.

  141. Avatar Ekenneth val says

    Pls sir, mai average score is 243 with jamb 241 n pume 246 course is agric econs, what is my faith. Quick reply pls

  142. Pls sir, am waiting to see unn admission list. My jamb score-233, UME-260 av 246.5 seeking for biz adm.

  143. Sir tankz alot 4 ur info.

  144. Pls sir, i scored 260 in Jamb and 130 in post ume, bringing my average score to 195. I applied for Business Administration. Pls any chance for supplementary?

  145. Jamb 238, post ume 220, Average 229. can i get place in Biz admin unn

    • @Winnie, Just hope for the best, as long as UNN admission is concerned, if you do not get Biz admin, you would get another course

  146. Sir i got 210.5 average 4 accountancy 4rm anambra state any hope?

  147. Who can give an opinion or answers to these questions? (1)How many putme candidates scored 64% and above for med.&surg.?(2) How many putme candidates scored between 58% and 63% for med. & surg? Thanks.

  148. Sir pls wats d possibility of getn admin into unn 4 nursing with d average of 156

  149. Avatar onwuenwunor ojima emmanuel says

    Please sir i made 256 in jamb and 166 in putme, my average is 211, what is my faith sir? and am going for biochemistry.I have been looking for admission for nine years now,i believe God will do something this time around. Thanks and God bless.

  150. pls sir i scored 266 in my post utme and 240 in jamb and am going for pharmacy how possible is my admission. Bt i want 2 switch over to medicine

  151. pls sir,i scored 255 in jamb,n 210 in pume,my average is 232.5…..n i applied for medical laboratory..pls wot ar my chances..is dia any hope for me

  152. @ evrybdy u can now go to ur various departments at UNN to check ur departmental cut off marks. D cut off ar ready at d various departments now.
    NOTE: PUME cut off mark has been released and is 180 unless dey change their mind later.

  153. Avatar Alexander Anigwe says

    Gud morning sir.Pls am in search for answers ,i have an average score of 234 what are my chances of getting medcine(medsurg)

  154. Afternoon.
    Pls,my 2 frnds,1 put sociology,average score 214. The other put mass comm,average score 209,what re their chances? I really want them to enter…

  155. Avatar Matthew Atungwu says

    Pls i nid urgent reply vnti. My jamb score: 230. Pume:210. Average:220. And i’m frm Benue. Wot is my chance.

  156. Avatar Matthew Atungwu says

    Pls i nid urgent reply vnti. My jamb score: 230. Pume:210. Average:220. And i’m frm Benue. Wot are my chances 4 mass comm.

  157. Pls i score 90 in my post ume and scored 220 in jamb, my avrage is 155, my corse is med rehab any chance of admision

  158. Departmental cut off are out..note law cut very low dis year wit 236,economics-243,mass comm-242,radiography-254,pharmacy-274,comp sci-213,accountancy-233…dis cut off are verified and one can find them at d various dept..visit www•unnforum•com for more info

  159. Cut off for Med/surg-280?…nursing science-245.5,eng/lit studies-238,microbiology-233 note med surg is still under speculation…best wishes y’all

  160. Avatar ejike kingsley says

    Pls sir,i my jamb score is 210 and post utme 190,average score 200 and am going for social work what is my stance of gainning admission into unn?

  161. Avatar Evuleocha C says

    Special thanks to VNTI for questions well answered clarity regardless of their petulancy n peeving nature. I blv the up-coming list is a preriquisite to serve as an elusidation. Steve-unn aspirnt 4 Geography(avrge score 203.5) slim hope?

  162. Sir i got 180 in pume wit 210.5 average 4 accountancy and 1st choice c. 4rm Ana state any hope?

  163. Avatar Louis Blessing says

    Pls any hope for pple dat didnt score up to 200 in de postDE exams

  164. pls wot’s d hope of one who scored average of 233, mass comm? pls urgent reply will be appreciated…..,:;”'”

  165. Avatar Ohaegbu ifeanyi says

    My ume score 140,jamb score 237,course botany.average 188.6. Any chance of getting the admission sir?

  166. gud day evryone pls wat about cut off for varios localities

  167. Pls ma average is 177 n am goin for Archaeology and tourism, wats ma fate?

  168. I scored 227 in my jamb and 166 in pume,average is 196 4 EE,do I ve any hope admsn in unn?

  169. Avatar nwosu philips says

    Pls my average score is 225.5,i choose political science,pls can i b admitted

  170. Pls, what is d general passmark 4 dpatment of physic & astronomy? I got 253 in jamb & 180 in putme.(avrge=216) Pls help me reply 2 ds Email-Up.vincent@yahoomail.com. Am 4rm Enugu state nd unn is my 1st & 2nd choice. Thanks

  171. Avatar Okereke Nkiruka Rose says

    pls sir, this is my second time to attempting UNN postume. I scored 204 in my jamb score and 160, my average was 182. Pls sir, can u help me in gaining admission in Pol science. I will be xpecting ur reply.

    • @Rose Nkiruka, we cannot help you gain admission, but we are going to let you know which courses can be gotten, considering your average score

  172. Avatar Ndubueze amarachi says

    Pls sir,i scored 120 in pume nd my average is 161 my course is marketing is there hope.tnks alot

  173. Avatar Lizzybein chukwuntas says

    Sir,gudmornin,pls incorage me as ur own child,i scor 213 in jamb and 140 post ume and avrage is 178:6 now i put socilogy/antroplogy. Can i have any hope for the cous.dis my number,07067343641.i need an ans i will chick dis evening for ur reply.ur just a good man by nature,God will be with u alway.

  174. Please please please can i be admitted into unn to read economics with 199 please somebody should talk to me before i die

  175. i got 186 & 217 in pume and jamb respectively and my average is 201 going for comp.sc..going with the above cutoff mark, it looks like i didnt make despite my painful hardwork, i wont give up though because i believe there is a reward tthat comes with persistence. _/\_

  176. My aggregate is 222.5.i applied 4 English/literary studies.do u think i wil get admission

  177. please is the admission list out?

  178. is the admission list out?

  179. plz, i scored 208 n ume nd 190 n postume nd average 199 going 4 education arts, plz do i av any chance

  180. Avatar Okorie Ruth says

    Pls sir, this my second time 2 attempting unn post ume. My average score is 182.5 and my course is Economics. Any hope 4 me

  181. i got 238 in jamb nd 126 in post utme my couse is agric &biosources engineering should i hv hope sir thanks

  182. UNN admission merit list has been posted on their site today..if ur a candidate go and check UNN’s official website.

  183. Avatar Sylvi angle says

    Pls sir. Am getn confusd ryt nw,i checkd my name on d list but didn’t fyd it..and i wnt 2 apply 4 chopn form buh dey said dat z only those who scored abv 200 in jamb and abv 180 in pume dat wit purchase d form, and i scord 225 in jamb and 160 in pume and av of 192.5, dose it mean i won’t purchase d form, pls sir i nee ur reply

  184. Please whats the cut off for medical radiography as regards to supplimentary list.

  185. Avatar Nancy Onuoha says

    My name appear but my result didnt appear why? Am a first choice score 223, God dnt allow me 2 be a laughin stuck.

  186. Pls sir, i scored 223 in jamb & 160 in pume, average 191.5, what’s my chances of gaining admission for Elect. Engineering student. You candid advice is urgently needed thanks (08134839396).

  187. I scored 185 as my average score,120 as mu pume score and 250 as my jamb score…I applied for banking and finance…what are my chances for gaining admission?

  188. Please I have an average of 238, I applied for medicine but didn’t, which other medical course can I purchase supplementary form for based on my average, please.

  189. Avatar Chris Ifynkris says

    Ask me anything you wanna fine out about unn my uncle is a senior staff in there and i have 2sisters who also apply the same school, add me on the facebook and send me msg my facebook user name is Chris Ifynkris or ifynkris4@yahoo.com number is 08038012272thanks good luck, and dont think too much rather than startin now too read for next year same issue happen too me some years back i almost die, this year my uncle is the vc of esut and i make the cut off and that how i got my admission so pray when your time comes you’r there no one can stop you not even the devil itself

  190. sir, i scored 210 in jamb and 220 in putme and my average score is 215, putme subjects- eng, bio, phy, chem. I applied for medical rehablitation, but my name is not on the admission list. I want to buy the supplementery form. Sir which course do you advice i fill in?. Help me i’m ultra despirate.

  191. Avatar Onyejeke jude chijioke says

    Plz sir, unn is my 1st & 2nd choice and i post ume is 180 , jamb is 219=average is 199.5 please sir can i be admitted into unn to read economics, plz sir help me to gain admission in unn.thanks may God bless u in jesus name Amen.

    • Gud morning sir . My name is nelson njoku 4rm R/S. I scored 215 in my jamb and 110 in ume and my average score is 165.5 do i hv chance?

  192. pls sir,i score 250 in Jamb nd 126 in PUME with an average of 188,my name is not on the list ,pls can i go for the shopping form?

  193. My problem is dat i scored 130,@ i want to go for sorting,so i dnt no if i should continue with dat or should i withdral but he promised to change my course.plz advise me on what to do.

  194. Gud day sir. Pls when is d shopping form admin list going 2 be out cos i heard we r resuming on d 27th of dis mth? Tnx sir.

  195. i scored 206 total….i am arts inclined…wot courses have dia cutoff below dis? I wl b glad if u do

  196. Avatar Flood Restoration Los Angeles l Fire Damage Restoration Los Angeles l Los Angeles Restoration Service l Water damage repair Los Angeles l Restoration Services Los Angeles says

    Unquestionably believe that which you said. Your favourite reason seemed to be at the internet the easiest factor to understand of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed while other folks think about issues that they plainly do not understand about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top as smartly as outlined out the entire thing with no need side effect , other folks can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  197. Beware of shopping form. Never rush and make mistake of #10000 for nothing.

  198. Avatar Babson George says

    I can hadly trust any of these nigerian vasity when it comes 2 admission matter because corroption is the order of d day.adms are not giving on merit, evrybdy want 2 b rich by all means. I’ve been a victim of this circumstances 4 yrs now. Exampole: a lecture by name; IBRAHIM DIKKO, UNIVERSITY OF ABUJA collected the sum of N25,000 4m me wt numerious sending of recharge cards to him as been requested yet no admission not after passing jamb and postutme. May God help Nigeria!

  199. Avatar Nwokocha ifeanyi says

    No matter what happens to me this year ,i know am not a failure, i will try again and i know that God must surely do it for me . congrat to all of you that got it this year next year is mine, in unn this is a challenge to read more harder (God is good to me amen) jamb 233 post utme 190 this year economics

  200. Avatar Osunwanne Amauche - uchesoma@yahoo.com says

    i got 160 in my post ume and 229 in my jamb with an average of 194.5. pls., is there any hope for me?

  201. Avatar Osunwanne Amauche - uchesoma@yahoo.com says

    if there is pls contact me with the email address above.
    post ume score – 160
    jamb score – 229
    average score – 194.5

    pls i need an immediate response.

    thank u.

  202. I was told that if the pume score isn’t up to 180 that there are no chances of admission is it true?

  203. I scored 235 in jamb and 160 in pume with d aggregrate of 197.5. . .i nid any course how do i go about it? Or which courses can i get wit dix

  204. How many lists does u.n.n have for admission?

  205. Pls is it true that if we dnt av up to 180 in pume that we cant av admission

  206. Sir,plz i need 2 knw weda i wil secure admission for biochem with 183 jamb score nd 173 post ume

  207. Avatar Pwetty floxy says

    Wen wil d shoppin list b out.dix ma contact,help wif info’s plz.

  208. please when is shopping list gonna be out. cos ma average is 222 and i shopped for zoology so what is ,ma fate vnti? i appreciate all your response

  209. please when is shopping list gonna be out cos ma average is 222 and i shopped for zoology so what is ma fate vnti? i appreciate all your response

  210. Please I’m just scared and full of expectations. Will they release the supplementary list before next month’s matriculation or after.

  211. @ Angela, d supplementary list will def.cm out b4 d matric. D matric is in January.

  212. Avatar Olamide aniyi says

    Wat is d cut off mark if some one want to study communication imformation and technology in any university.

  213. Instant upgrade of jamb score is in effect call head office on08058176311

  214. Pls, i scored 213 in jamb, 150 in putme and my average is 181.5. Do i have any chance of getting admission into mech engr, unn? (08188247358)

  215. I want to ask a question pls?

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