Awaiting the announcement of the 2012/2013 Nnamdi Azikiwe University(UNIZIK) admission list, we have been posting the cut-off marks bit by bit, as our correspondent obtains them.

Below is a detailed list of the merit cut-off points for all courses at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University for the 2012/2013 UNIZIK admission list:

    Law – 255
    Pharmacy – 276
    Phisiology – 241.5
    Anatomy – 240.5
    Agric & extinction – 184.5
    Food sci & tech – 210
    Physics and industrial physics – 213
    Pure and industrial chem – 219.5
    Statistics – 190.5
    Economics – 277
    Mass com – 268.5
    Surveying & geo info – 188.5
    African and asian studies – 218
    English language and lit – 243
    History and international studies – 245
    Theater arts – 230
    Religion & humanities – 224.5
    Applied biochem – 243
    Medicine – 292.5
    Science edu & bio – 203
    Chemistry edu – 199.5
    Comp sci edu – 218
    Inter sci edu – 208
    General science edu – 230
    Maths edu – 184
    Physics edu – 182
    Vocational edu – 237
    Business edu – 228
    Technical edu – 170.5
    Radiography – 265.5
    Nursing – 281
    Sociology – 262.5
    Psychology – 264.5
    Pol sci – 266
    Fine arts – 193
    Geography and metrology – 202
    Quantity survey – 220
    Med lab – 276
    Applied microbio & brewery – 249.5
    Botany – 221
    PAE – 232.5
    Zoology – 212.5
    Bio sci – 240
    Computer science – 254
    Geological sci – 233.5
    Mathematics – 208.5
    Philosophy – 235
    Music – 193
    Morden european studies – 234
    Linguistics – 232
    Adult edu – 213
    Edu foundation – 225.5
    Edu management and policy – 236
    Early childhood (edu) – 222.5
    Guidance and counseling – 227
    Hpe – 206
    Lib sci – 233
    Bio sci engine – 198
    Chem engine – 236
    Civil engine – 242
    Elect engine – 241.5
    Electric and computer engine – 253.5
    Industry & production – 233.5
    Mech engine – 233.5
    Metal and material engine – 225
    Polymer & textile – 196.5
    Accountancy – 267.5
    Bank & fin – 265
    Bus admin – 267
    CEM – 245
    Marketing – 260
    Pub admin – 268.5
    Architecture – 229
    Building – 218.5
    Environmental MGT – 194


Candidates who did not meet the required cut-off for their chosen course, but have averages that meets any other related course, and can let them apply for that course within the list should opt for supplementary form, which would be released soon after the first admission list.

We would keep you updated on that.

The first admission list should be expected before the end of the month.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. Pls VNTI..i scored 245.5 by aggregate,and Law cut 255…but i did put in a second choice,as i applied for unizik as first and second choice institution….do i have a chance for that second choice?

  2. VNTI..plz help out,i scored 245.5 via aggregate,and i applied for Law which is 255….but i applied for unizik as my 1st and second choice institution,and applied for international relations in my 2nd choice,so if unizik dont tk those that applied for it as their 2nd choice,can i still make it with my 2nd choice?

  3. Thnks so Much for the Information.. Plz,we heard smtn abt Catchment area,Is dat real? Heard anambrians got a lower cut offs in some dept than other States.. Plz help wt Nursing’s Cut off 4 Anambrians.. Looking 4wrd 2 recieving ur Reply.. Thanks,4rm Saint

  4. My aggregate is 236.wats my chances of getin computer science? My jamb is 216 and post ume 64

  5. how do i check my average pls?

  6. Avatar Ofor daniel says

    I reach cut off of pub admin but i didnt write maths in jamb and i put it as first and second choice but i shade sociology in alternative choice on putme omr sheet

  7. wat abt med rehab

  8. Avatar francis jimmy c says

    this yr cutoff marks is higher dan last yr despite the mass failure dis yr,its nt jux fair.well i scored 245 in my jamb nd 64 in postutme,can i still gain the favour of the skul in bus admin.pls help 08099606194 or 08065517485

    • @Francis, Did your score meet the cut-off? , else approach a staff(trusted one) to assist you in supplementary

  9. Avatar Ike ugochukwu says

    Plz, hw cn i get d suplementary form…plz am in nid of ur help..plz

    • @Ike, Supplementary forms can basically be obtained by staffs of the University, as it is not sold like screening forms

  10. Pls d cutoff for CEM in d cutof hangouts sold here in awka is 275 buh wat i’m cin nw is 245..i’m confusd cuz my agregate is 253

  11. Pls i got 229.5 nd am an art student wat course wil befit me?nd wen nd how much wil d supplementary form cost? Thanks

    • @Lisa, the supplementary might not be announced, because it is an internal thing. Hope you have someone/anyone in the system.

  12. My aggregate is 259.5 and i’m going 4 nursing. Is dere any chance 4 me?

  13. Avatar queendaline says

    pls,i scored 241 in jamb $ 42 in pume.i aplied 4 med rehab,do i stand a chance of gainin admission?

  14. I scored 239 in jamb and 76 in post utme,my aggregate is 271.5 and i applied for bus admin.what is my chances of getting admission in unizik?

  15. How cn supplementary form gv u great chance into d university pls som1 should reply me thanks.

  16. Avatar nwaohiri ekene damian says

    hey i got 253.5 as my average score. and my course is ece that is electric and computer engineering. So ama gonna be shortlisted or what? i really dont knw why am always on piont and punctual. pls i nid replies

  17. Avatar blessing okeke says

    i score 209 in my jamb n i scored 24 in post ume is dere any chance in unizik. in english n literature

  18. Heard there’s no supplementary form dis year. How true is it? Need a reply asap.

  19. Avatar Perpetua chidi says

    I scord 216 utme,56 putme & i applied 4 accounancy bt its like my chance of admission into unizik is low pls notify me when the supplementary form is out at(perpetua.chidi.1@facebook.com)

  20. Avatar nnaji chioma noel says

    i didnt c dat of med rehab nd i got 205 in jamb nd 62 in pume. wat r ma chances.

  21. plz i scored 232 in jamb and 76 in the postutme,when i calculated it in
    total,i had 268,which is lower than my cutoff(economics)which is 277,i really need to know when the supplementary list will be out,pls i wud really appreciate it………

  22. Avatar Udeze daniel says

    My jamb 242.post ume 64.my course cut off is 266 which is poly science.pls any hope for sec,list?

  23. Avatar Ndubuisi sopuruchi says

    Can somebody who his aggregate is 209 get admisson for bus admin

  24. Avatar kevin nwachukwu says

    plz i need ur help 2 alert me wen d supplemently form z on sale,plz reply.

  25. I am disturb with the degree of runs in unizik. Some one promise to runs my admission @ cost of 200,000.my question is weather dis tin is possible. Plz answer friends

  26. Ya

  27. Avatar Angel merit says

    Pls hw do i get d supplementry form..dnt knw any1 der..pls help me..nd is aleady late 4 dat nw?

  28. pls i get 228 in my jamb pls did get admission pls help me

  29. Avatar Edwin maranatha says

    Pls i scored 235 in my jamb and 38 in my putme for medicine and surgery.what are my chances for gaining admission into unizik?

  30. i score 245 in jamb and 64 in putme and my aggregate is 250.5 and i am 4rm anambra pls do i ve any chance of gaining admition into unizik.i applied 4 bus admin

  31. I will advise stev 2 keep his möney,it does not work at all

  32. Avatar Elizabeth okam says

    Pls i scored 234 in jamb nd 54 in post ume nd my aggregate is 225. I applied 4 chem industry. Do i have any chance at all 4 admision into unizik.

  33. Avatar Onyerionwu Obinna says

    Please Friends, can someone who scored 224 in jamb and 48 in postume gain admission into the school to study Theatre Arts? Please I really need assistance. Dis is my no. 08168878341. Thanks Friends

  34. pls i got 222 in my jamb and 34 in my putme is der any chance of getin admission even if is any course.pls

  35. will admission be granted to a student who scored 36 in pume and 243 in jamb, applyin for statistics?

  36. Plz vnti is the supplementary form on sale now.

  37. I scored 218 in jamb nd 64 in screening. Having an aggregate, 237. Nd i put medlab. And it is too low compared to the cut-off mark. I am from anambra. My name wasnt in d first list,do u think i still hv hope in d second list ie if they would put me to any lower course? And also,i don’t have any one to help me get d supplementary form. My hope is on God. Wot do u think??

  38. Pls i applied for econs..my average is 247 nd econs cut off is 277..is there any way i can get admission into any oda course in the second list? Nd hw do i get da supplementary form

  39. Avatar ugochukwu okwaike says

    i checked n they said admission process is in progress n dat i shuld check bak soon

  40. Hw do we calculate d cut off mark???

  41. I got 44 in putme and 216 in jamb and i applied 4 chemical engineering is there any chance of get a lower course in d 2nd list

  42. Pls wen is the second admissiön list goin 2b releasd?

  43. Pls vnti,my agregate is 192.5 and statistics cut 190.5.And i applied for stat 1st and 2nd choice bt my name didn’t com out merit,pls is there any hope for 2nd batch.Pls reply as soon as posible,am dieing here in silence.


  45. U will hv to opt for supplementary form

  46. Avatar asogu happiness Chidinma says

    ℓ̊ scored 208 in jamb,54 in ume A̶̲̥̅♏ going 4 ece,ℓ̊ checked admission status,they said it was stil procesing,pls I need reply is dere any hope 4 me

  47. Pls i scored 232 in my jamb n 24 in my postume n i applied 4 econs pls is der any hope of gaining admin into unizik? Cos i kw my God is able 2 all tin.

  48. Avatar Okoye obioma says

    I got an addmission in unizik, but my problem is dat i got E8 in english in my o level. Pls i need help. Dis is my mobile 07035779279

  49. I got jamb 239 and post utme 56 ,any hope for me in bus adm

  50. Avatar uche(pol science) says

    for enquiries for supplimentary list call 07069693690

  51. Pls some one shld help me , I appled thru drect entry, pls. Dere stl ope foor me …

  52. Avatar Uzor kelvin says

    My God is able to do all tins wel in my life dis year 2013/2014

  53. i scored 262 nd 78 in pume wat are my chances of getting law in unizik nd sum one shud pls cnd me d cut off

  54. Please I got 219 in jamb and 60 in post utme what course should I go for

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