The University of Lagos has emerged the “first and the best” in the global Webometric ranking in Nigeria!

The July 2012 Webometric ranking released on the 16th of July, 2012, by the web-based world ranking of Universities (Webometrics) at http://www.4icu.org places the University in the 1st position in Nigeria and 16th position in Africa.

The positions of some other Nigerian Universities on the July 2012 ranking table are as follows:
University Nigeria Africa
University of lagos 1 16
University of Ilorin 2 39
University of Ibadan 3 40
Obafemi Awolowo University 4 42
University of Benin 5 45

As shown in the table, the University of Lagos is the first University in Nigeria to be ranked amongst the 20 best Universities in Africa.

Webometric ranking is a measure of an institution’s presence on the web; it is computed using a number of parameters that revolve round the quantum and quality of electronic resources on a web site as well as access to such resources.

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  1. Avatar Richard Enaohwo says

    I completely disagree with some of these present raking expecially some private universities rated above some of the state university.I’m not here to defend mine but those incharge should know that a university is not judge by the number of graduates produce and grades but effective teaching and researches conducted.why would a 2.1 of a private struggle to compete with 2.2 or a 3rd of public university.There is just two private(convenant and pan african university) others are just playing along.God help our educational system.

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