We noticed a number of You were having problems, Filling your forms, most especially because of the detailed ATM/MASTERCARD payments.

A number of You complained of Not having ATM cards, while a larger number, said their cards were rejected.

Due to all this complains, we have created a simpler way, to help you pay through the process, using our own MASTERCARD after you must have credited our account with an equivalent of the sum in addition to the MASTERCARD charges.

To pay through the VNTI WAY, simply follow the guidelines below;

1. Pay the sum highlighted below into our VNTI Contact(eastern region) bank account with the details below.
UNIBEN: N3,500(Pins+bank Charges)
UNILORIN: N3,500(Pins+Bank Charges+Insurance)
UNILORIN: N6,000(For Candidates who made the Change of Course)

2. Pay the above sum as detailed for your Institution above into the VNTI Contact account with the details below:
• Account Name: Obasi Chibuzor Chinedu
• Account Number:
NEW: 3037850828
OLD: 6423010016861
• Bank: First Bank

3. After payment, mail to us, the following details, to effect Your payment:
• Full Name(to confirm identity when we log in)
• Post-utme Login details( Username and Password, To log into your account and Effect payment)
• Phone Number(For Notification after online payment)
• Email address(For Notification after Online payment)
• Bank Teller Number/code
• Date of Payment
• Your Bank account details(to refund Your money if online payment fails)

Send the details to:
E-mail: support@nigerianuniversitynews.com
Phone 1: 2348026417707
Phone 2: 2348182859600

NOTE: You Full Name Must Be Written On The Deposit Slip As It Appears On Your UTME slip.

4. After we receive Your payment alert from the bank, We would use the login username and password provided by you, to log in to your registration and effect payment.

5. After payment is completed, We would send you a confirmation message through the email you gave us, so you can proceed to confirmation,submission and printing of the acknowledgement slips.

6. If payment fails to go through, depending on school issues or bank Failure, which is less likely to happen, we would refund the payment through the bank account details, you gave us and advise you on what next to do.

NOTE: Our concession details limits us to 20 online payments per day, so it is more of a first, first serve situation. We would effect the payment received from the First 20 people received from both Institutions, and send them confirmation emails.

For More details on this and to Chat with VNTI, Please: click here to Join VNTI on facebook

If You have friends, requesting such assistance, ensure to refer them to us, because, completing your registrations on time gives you peace of mind as well as time to get prepared.

For More Information, You can mail us through the e-mail provided above.

Thank You.
VNTI Nigeria.

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VNTI ̈́ ͂ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́ ͂


About Obasi Chinedu

Obasi Chinedu Is an Author at www.nigerianuniversitynews.com. He is a member of the Nigerian Union of Campus Journalist (NUCJ). You can reach out to Him On Twitter via @Obasi_Chinedu


  1. Avatar Honourable says

    Hello there,

    I have just completed the UNILORIN payment for screening exercise but am having problem with generating the test and date schedule even after entering the JAMB AND RECEIPT number.

    Your help soon.


    • Make sure you save this much, you have gone. It might be an internal problem, which would require you to come back and try again later. But save this first.

  2. Avatar Honourable says

    Really appreciate your response.


  3. Plz hw do i purchase d unilorin change of course?

  4. I don’t know how to make payment o pls explain better nd send me d account nd bank name.

  5. Avatar Honourable says

    I still cant print the test and date schedule, since Saturday that i have made the payment.

    Has anybody printed his/hers.

    Help please.

  6. Avatar Honourable says

    Can anybody in the house tell me what to do,the deadline is fast approaching.

  7. Help me plzzz,am abt 2 buy d form so they told me 2 go nd register 4 account,wat can i do now

  8. Help me plzzz,am abt 2 buy d form so they told me 2 go nd register 4 account,plzzz wat can i do now

  9. Avatar bashar olanrewaju says

    am really havin payment with ilorin paayment plss….each tym am pressing pay i mean d step 4…..its telling me invalid payment……am really fed up i sweaar…….whats happenin nooow???pls aw can yhu elp me with dat

  10. Avatar Honourable says

    Hello, please do u know if the test and date schedule has been resolved, the deadline is fast approaching.

  11. Plzzzzz wat can i do,i went 2 d bamk aday 2 buy d post utme form,nd d bank hv send my account number,they said d money we be deducted 4rm my account nd dey we alert me nd they hv nt alert me.d form iz closin 2morrow,plzzz wat can i do

  12. Plzzzzz wat can i do,i went 2 d bamk aday 2 buy d post utme form,nd d bank hv send my account number,they said d money we be deducted 4rm my account nd dey we alert me nd they hv nt alert me.d form iz closin 2morrow,plzzz wat can i do ooooo

    • Registrations have been Extended to the 14th of June. You can Pay through US, Your trusted payment merchant.

      • Avatar Honourable says

        If registrations have been extended till 14th June as you said,what of those that have been scheduled for Mon – Wed tests.

  13. Wat do i do know.pls send me ur account noba

  14. Wat do i do know.pls send me ur account noba,nd wat a do

  15. How am i sure this is not a scam.

  16. i have made payment for ilorin but no notification yet.pls help me

  17. Avatar Lateef babatunde k. says

    I was on able to print the test, is only schedule i was able to print & am having the text on 13th, june. What can i do?

  18. Plsss wat re we goin 2 take d exam hall,did dey nid d original jamb result now


    pls sir, i have paid into the bank acct, i really need your help, have sent a mail with all my details, my no is 07066162660

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