UI Student, kunle Adebajo Suspended For A Year Over Online Criticism of Varsity

Our sources at the University of Ibadan, UI, Oyo State, reports that a Student of the Federal Government Owned institution, Mr. kunle Adebajo has been Suspended For A Year Over an article he published on the internet in August 2016, titled: “UI: The irony of fashionable rooftops and awful interiors”, where he criticized the state of the University and the University Management.

Professor Wole Soyinka once said, ‘ The greatest threat to freedom is the absence of criticism ’ . Thus the greatest measure of freedom is equally the presence of criticism . But its presence would serve no use without sincere acceptance and implementation where necessary . In consequence , this is a call to the university management to rethink its position and adjust its ways .- Mr. Kunle Adebajo, 2016.

According to Mr. Kunle Adebajo.

We find the Vice -Chancellor prioritising staff above students when we all know the staff exist for the students .

According the his publication, the management of the University of Ibadan, isnt doing enough to look into the problems of her students, especially at their residences.

A statement from his publication in 2016 read as follows:

“At the present time , two toilet facilities in Sultan Bello hall are under lock due to their utter state of disrepair. Another one is in fact soon to join them in retirement . The same story goes for other halls as well . In point of fact , I know of persons who trek a long distance to answer nature ’ s call just so they could steer clear of the waterloo in our flooded but waterless conveniences . But then the vast majority have resigned to fate , daily taking sips of death into their posterior cavity and hoping their antibodies are up to the task.”

He also concluded by saying:

We find the Vice -Chancellor prioritising staff above students when we all know the staff exist for the students . We find him neglecting the student union leadership for several weeks after assumption of office despite attempts to get his attention , until moments of crisis . We find the utter disregard for students and workers in the membership of crucial bodies on campus whose establishment is geared towards the welfare of the de facto ‘ outcasts ’ . We find all these irregularities amongst others , and we find also that they must end if we must start .

Additionally , the school should also learn to set its priorities straight . To secure the prosperity of the present people and posterity , it is only sensible that priorities must never be confused with necessities , and necessities never with frivolities . We must ask ourselves – is tiling of roofs the solution to our problems?

Today, we join other students of the University of Ibadan to call on the UI VC to rather focus on addressing the issues in the report written by Kunle Adebajo, because the report is facts-based, and stop the victimisation of Nigerian Student. #FreeKunleAdebajo


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