We have a purpose, a goal, a target, an aim, a future and a God.
Our purpose is YOU.

Our JOY will be full when you all gain admission into your CHOICE COURSES, at your CHOICE institutions.

The VNTI team already has a laid down programme to make sure you do not run out of funds or even call your parents for MONEY once You have commenced your studies.

We have a team of Experts who are still standing in wait, to teach you the;
• various methods of earning little funds enough to fund your education.
• How most of them self-funded their education till graduation.
• How to succeed through every year in school no matter the difficulty.
• We are also going to provide past questions, thesis work, ans well as term papers for you to review when called upon to write yours.

On sustaining on your own finances, the first medium we are going to educate you on basically is;

• HOW TO PRINT RECHARGE CARDS, so that you would be the wholesaler who sells to the retailers.
We shouldn’t be telling you this yet, but we just want you to know that there is more ahead, than you have experienced. We have just started, and you are our FOUNDATION, so we are going to make our FOUNDATION STRONGER, by the Grace of God.

All This and More would be coming your way as time goes on, but for now, OUR TARGET IS YOUR ADMISSION.

We are here, to;
• Matriculate with You,
• Lecture with You
• Pass examinations with You.
• Endure failures with You.
• Face difficulties with You
• Enjoy success with you
• Share the stress and Fraustrations with you.
• Walk in the rain and the sun with You.
• Attend all night classes with You
• Stand in the good and bad times with you.
• Become the Best Student with You.
• Convocate with You
• Graduate with You.
• Share all the glory with you.
• Get a Job with You.
• But we would not GET MARRIED with you ooo, though we would attend the wedding ceremony.

At VNTI, we are always here with you, ALL THE WAY.

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It has Been 3 Months Together.
Thank You Nigeria,

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VNTI ̈́ ͂ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́ ͂


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