Subjects You’d Be Writing in Post UTME

What are the number of Subjects i will be required to write in my Post UTME exam?
Is Maths compulsory for Social science Student?

Post UTME exam

The above question has become necessary for Student that are yet to write their Post UTME Exams. Mind you, not all schools will be conducting a written Exam for their Post UTME but most


  • Will My school of Choice( UNIBEN, UI, UNILORIN, UNIJOS, UNICAL, etc) be conducting a Written Post UTME Exam?
  • What are the list of subject i am to write on my Upcoming Post UTME exam (mathematics, English, Literature, Physics etc)?
  • What is the difference between Aptitude Test and Normally written Post UTME Exam?
  • When will my school of Choice release her Post UTME Registration details?

I will try to make this as clear as possible, just take your time and read through carefully so you can get the full gist….

Will My School Of Choice Be Conducting A Written Post UTME Exam
Certain Universities have been known to be consistent with conducting a written Post UTME, some of these schools include..

  1. University of Benin
  2. University of Ibadan
  3. University of Ilorin
  4. Ambrose Alli University etc

Hence, there is a high chance that this university will be conducting a written Post UTME, however, universities are expected to released their form any moment from now, after the registration for the Post UTME screening, students will be given a minimum of one week for preparation till the actual date for the Screening.

If you want to confirm the chances of your school of choice (not mentioned in this article) conducting a written or know your Admission Chances, comment the name of your school/Score and i will get back to you.

Subjects You Will Be Writing in Your Post UTME (mathematics, English, Literature, Physics etc)?

Of course, this is the main essence if this article ‘List Of Subject You Will Be Writing on Your Post UTME‘, The subject you will be writing on your Post UTME exam totally depends on your School of choice, take for example, a student who applied for Medicine in Uniben will not be writing same Subject with a Student who also applied for same course in a different University. Most times, the Subjects written are similar to those you did on JAMB except that other Subject may be included like, Current affairs, Aptitude test etc. The best way to tell the list of course you should be expecting in your Post UTME is by buying past questions from the school for previous years, this will give you a better idea of the subject you are to expect questions from and also how they set their Questions.

What is the difference between Aptitude Test and Normally written Post UTME Exam?
You may be Surprised to find out that your school of choice will be conducting an ‘Aptitude Test‘ as their Post UTME screening method. Student who are to sit for Aptitude test are expected to prepare themselves for Critical thinking, You may see a question like

Question: IF mary’s mother has three Children and two of them are named Daniel and Mosses, what is the name of the last child?

Sounds familiar right?, these are the kind of Questions you are to expect.

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