Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

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We have the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for all to download and prepare for the examination.

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From the words lettered A-E, choose the word that is alike in meaning to the word underlined.
1. The man is known to be a sly. I won’t trust him with anything. This means the
man is know as a (a) deceiver (b) thief (c) kidnapper(d) rogue (e) burglar
2. The woman was happy because her gorgeous dressing made her quite obtrusive. The woman was very
(a) appreciate (b) proud (c)good (d) noticeable (e) excellent
3. Andrew made some bellicose statement about his strength to other boys in the street. This means that Andrew
(a) is a brave man (b) Wishes to fight (c) is a coward (d) loves to help others with his power (e) has a lot of power
4. Scrupulous politicians do not have a place in the Nigerian politics. Scrupulous politicians are
(a) honest (b) dishonest (c) corrupt (d) good-nature (e) insincere
5. The excuse that he forgot about the meeting was a flimsy one. This means the excuse was
(a) very bad (b) a complete lie (c) difficult to believe (d) not important (e) a very good one
From the alternatives suggested, select the answer that best expresses the same meaning as the expression italicized in each exercise.
6. I wonder if you would allow me to put out the fire. (a) I might (b) I can (c) I should (d) I have to (e)All of them
7. Don’t take the plate away; it is possible for the owner to ask for it. (a) the owner
might (b) the owner can (c) the owner is going to (d) the owner will come to (e) none of them
8. I know a carpenter that knows how to make that kind of wardrobe
(a) could (b) has the–know-how (c) can (d) can be able (e) may be able to
9. Frances, where is your male visitor? Don’t lie to me, it is not possible that he has gone through the high window. (a) he couldn’t have (b) he can’t have (c) he shouldn’t (d) he mustn’t have (e) None of them.
10. When your great-grandmother was in Vietnam, did she have the ability to speak Chinese?
(a) had she been able (b) was she enabled (c) could she (d) how possible was it for her (e) None of them

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