Nasarawa State University SUG President Suspended

The Legislative arm of the Student Union Government, Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) has suspended its Union’s President. The decision was made on 5th May, 2018 during her last sitting at the Mass Communication Complex, NSUK. According to the senators, the president is been suspended over some alleged misconducts. 
The decision to suspend the SUG President was reached after he failed to honour the invitation of the senate to appear before the house to answer some issues regarding some of his recent actions in office. The president however, explained in a letter replying his summon requesting that the meeting be rescheduled due to other engagements that are before him. 
According to the senate president, Adamuja Suleiman: 
“we wrote a letter inviting the SUG president to appear before us today to defend some of his actions which include, organizing a leadership summit without the consent and approval of the senate, requesting for funds from the school management to organize the summit without our knowledge and setting up a committee which makes him assume the power of the senate. We want him to come and explain all these before the house”.  All these according to the senate president violates certain sections of the union’s constitution.
Adamuja added that the president replied their letter saying he will not be available on the said date, as he will be attending NANS convention. we know that the NANS convention has been postponed to June this year since before we invited the president, so we replied him telling him about the postponement which we know he is aware of, and even after that he did not come for the meeting”. Adamuja explained. 
But it seems all effort to bring the president to appear before the house failed. Following the failure of the president to appear before the senate to answer to some of his actions that the house disapprove of and his reason for failing to honor their invitation, majority of the speakers in the house who spoke, suggested that the prsident should either be suspended or impeached according to the provisions of the constitution of the union. The house therefore resolved to work with the provisions of the constitution to punish the president for failing to honor the invitation of the senate to come and defend his actions. Therefore, it was agreed to suspend him for 2 months pending investigations into the matter.
However, the Executive arm of the union had come out to condemn this action by the senate describing it to be illegal, ridiculous and illegitimate by overzealous senators. 
According to a press release from the office of the Public Relation Officer (PRO), Dogo Joseph, it reveals that no letter was sent to the president and it reads, 
“no letter was sent to the Executive President as regards the alleged suspension. Further investigations also revealed that the earlier letter sent to the President summoning him to the Senate Sitting was not addressed to him neither was there an addressed written on it, therefore could not attend a Sitting without any formal letter or notice sent to him.”
The executive further argues that the senate cannot suspend the SUG President without vaving a standing Order in the Chambers. 
“How can the Senate claim to have suspended the Executive President when they do not have Standing Order in the Senate Chamber. With the absence of a Standing Order in the Chambers it has shown that the Senate President lacks the constitutional knowledge and is plunging the entire Legislative arm into ruins”.
According to the press release, it reveals that it is the senate rather who have broken, breached and twisted the constitution among other claims: 
“It is rather distasteful and ironic that the Senate which ought to be the custodian of our constitution is those who have brazenly broken, breached and twisted our constitution just to suit their personal ego. May it be on record that the Legislative Arm (Senators) of S.U.G held a meeting with the Vice Chancellor and discussed matters such as the Executive affairs, vehicles, remittance etc. without the consent and knowledge of the Executive thereby neglecting and out rightly contradicting their functions. They went further to discuss private union matters with external bodies in Lafia, which is vehemently against the oath of office and allegiance they swore to take. May it also be on record that the Senate President illegally moved for the launching of NSUK Campus Arsenal pamphlet, this further portrays he is in a quest and search for quick and dubious wealth. There are further allegations that the Senate President appointed his bosom friends as chairmen of committee this further elucidates he has selfish interest vested in the appointment of chairmen.”
It should be recalled that the Student Union Government, Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) just had her elections about two months ago, on 10th of March 2018 after been banned for over four years.

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