Latest report coming in reveals that the Madonna University Okija and Elele campus, according to the reporter, the use of camera enabled mobile phones have since been cut out by the Madonna university management, to the extent of introducing a penalty for caught offenders.

The penalty for offenders caught with camera enabled mobile phones is basically the seizure of the caught property(phones) and it has remain that way ever since the inception of the institution. The reporter reporting for Madonna university detailed that the punishment happens to be no longer enough for the offense in question since the students have become wiser and are no longer caught with the possession, and even when caught are still tricky enough to wriggle out of punishment.

as a result of this, the management of Madonna university, okija want to face the offense squarely which led them to introduce a new long lasting and better serving punishment for caught offenders. students caught with camera phones now at the Madonna university, okija will now face a session long suspension. in broad terms, offenders would be suspended for ONE WHOLE ACADEMIC SESSION.
In summary,

Madonna university has banned the use of camera phones totally. Camera phones were never allowed but the penalty for being caught with one was the ☎ being seized but that was not effective enough as grotesque pictures of the school kept leaking.
Presently, the penalty has been upped to suspension for one academic session. And students now refer to camera phones as ‘1 year suspicion’.

We advice all students to either devise a better way of preventive metabolism(hiding their properties) or better still, obey the Madonna university’s law.

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