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6. The state in the life of bilharzias which infects man is the
a. cercaria b. bladder worm c. miracidium d. Egg
7. The malphigian tubule plays a major role in
a. inspiration b. excretion c. secretion d. digestion
8. The filtered blood from the kidney is carried back to the circulatory system, through the
a. hepatiê portal vein b. pulmonary vein c. renal vein d. renal artery
9. Flatworms are classified as
a. Concentrate b. Annelid c. Playhelmintie d.Arachinida
10. A severe deficiency of thyroxin result in
a. sexual underdevelopment b. cretinism c. gigantism d. diabetes mellitus
11. Haemolysis is an example of
a. Hydrolysis b. Osmosis c. Plasmolysis d. Inhibition
12. Which of the following structures are visible in the cell of a mitosis
a. Centrioles, chromatides and nucleolus
b. Homologous chromosome, nuclear membrane
c. Cell wall, centrioles and chromatids
d. Chromosomes, nuclear membrane and centromere
13. At which of the following stage of cell division can the cell resting?
a. Anaphase b. Telophase c. Prophase d. Interphase
14. Mitochondria and chloroplasts are characteristic of cells that
a. Reproducing and photosynthesizing
b. Excreting and deaminating
c. Respiring and photosynthesizing
d. Replicating and photosynthesizing

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