Fight For LASU: Students Rejects 60% Tuition Fees Reduction!

The State government has approved a reduction, ranging from 34 to 60 percent but left the decision on what each department will pay to the Governing Council of the university.
Below is the old fees and amount reduced for various Faculties based on the 34-60 {8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} reduction

However, the students expressing their opinion through the President of the Students Union Government, SUG, Mr. Nurudeen Yusuf, has rejected the reduction as announced.

According to him what will be acceptable by the students is a reduction of the fees to at most N65, 500 for fresh students and N46, 500 for freshers.

In his words, “We are not yet happy about the latest development because the govt. is yet to tell us the exact amount they have reduced the fees to in Naira and Kobo.”

“They should come out in clear terms to tell us directly the exact amount we are going to be paying, not saying the Governing Council will determine the amount each faculty will be paying. When the fees were hiked in 2011, it was government who directly told us in naira and kobo what each faculty will pay, and not in percentages.”

“This is our stand which will be made known in a press conference tomorrow”

Below is the amount faculties will now pay based on the 34-60 {8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} reduction;
Arts/Education 34{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 65, 875
60{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 116, 250
Social/Management Science 34{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 76, 075
60{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 134, 250
Communication/Transport 34{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 81, 175
60{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 143, 250
Law 34{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 84, 575
60{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 149, 250
Engineering 34{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 101, 575
60{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 179, 250
College of Medicine 34{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N)- 118,575 –
60{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} REDUCTION (N) – 209, 250

It will be recalled that the school fees of the different faculties mentioned were increased to
193, 750; 223, 750; 238, 750 ; 248, 750; 298, 750 and 348,750 respectively.


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