>Ebuka told his Oga at the shop to
wait at the gate and pick him up
His Commerce exam at the
Commercial Secondary school
where he was
He was given Commerce Exam
question paper and the only
question he could
Answer was question number 3
and it says:
''Differentiate between a
Warehouse and a Shop.''(20marks)
After much thinking he smiled and
wrote his answer:
Warehouse is at Ojota while shop
is at Alaba.
Then he submitted his paper and
went to meet his Oga at the gate.
Oga : Ebuka , how did it go?
Ebuka: It was so simple Oga,
question number three
Says: Differentiate between a
warehouse and a
Oga : And what did you write ?
Ebuka: Well I wrote that
warehouse is at Ojota while shop
Is at Alaba.
Oga : So is that all you wrote ?
Ebuka : Yes .
Oga : Common go back and put the
phone numbers and
Complete address, stupid boy!
That's how you lose customers,
Nice weekend!
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