>It doesn’t always matter how you start. Jus do not STOP!!!

>Great individuals do not always start strong, they also have their own issues. What distinguishes them from those we call the ordinary is that they do not give in to fear,obstacles, ridicule or negatives. They look their obstacles in the face and made it clear that they have a destination and "EVEN IF GOD WAS TO STAND IN THEIR WAY, THEY WOULD SURMOUNT GOD, AND MAKE IT TO THE SUMMIT OF THEIR DREAMS." DA- SILVA
Below are some tragic tales of those we know and recognize as successful and great men, just to show you that there is always a pain behind every fame.

• "I was raped at d age of 9 "-Oprah;"(music artiste)

• I didn't even complete my University Education "-Bill Gates;"(microsoft owner/world richest man)

• In my childhood days,I stitched shoes
"-Abraham Lincoln,"(former american president)

• I ones Had no shoes President Goodluck jonathan"(Nigerian president)

• I struggled academically throughout elementary school "-Ben Carson;"(world greatest neuro-surgeon)

• I used 2 serve tea at a shop 2 support my football training "-Lionel Messi;"(world best footballer)

• I used 2 sleep on d floor in friend's rooms, returning Coke bottles for food money, getting weekly free meals at a local temple "-Steve Jobs"(apple owner)

• I used to play football with oranges at Enugu- Jay Jay Okocha. (Nigerian star footballer)

• My teachers used 2 call me a failure. "-Tony Blair"(british prime minister)

So you see, I could go on and on without stoping, just to show you that, they all started the same way we did, the difference is that they just would not stop or give in to difficulty. A favorite quote of mine says,
"you only become a failure when you could not succeed, not when you fail once. As long as you do not stop trying, the sky is your limit."- Da-silva

The BIG always start SMALL! U̶̲̥̅̊ will soon have your own story. It doesn't matter where you are as long as you can see your destination. It does not matter how fast you move as long as you do not stop. Always hold your dreams high. Your time of success and achievements is close at hand.
With God, your life can always be more! Good morning friends! Have blessed sunday & gr8 week!
Remember to always read your book.

Chinedu Da Silva


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