IJMB: Direct Entry To 200 Level, How To Apply

Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) is a 10months program that is being supervised by Ahmed Bello University, ABU Zaria for any aspiring student, which will allow you to gain admission into 200 Level of any University of choice except UNILAG that don’t accept it. You can be in 200 Level next year, if you start NOW

What is IJMB

IJMB which also mean Interim Joint Matriculation Board is a Advanced Level program supervised, run and moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria which allow successful students to get admission into 200L of any Nigerian University of their choice. Normally, is supposed to be 12 months program, but since students are not going to resumed at the same time, hence we have students who only ended spending between 10 months and 6 months throughout the program.

Since time has nothing to do with your result but your seriousness, and IJMB is not for the brainee or brilliants students but for the determined heart who is ready to sacrificed time and energy with his/her books, it is going to be success all the way.

While i don’t want to make jest of the exam, i must say that the exam is not that difficult as being portrayed by many people, is just that you need to sit tight to pass the IJMB exam. I must tell you this, i have seen a student who started on February at Suigeneris Jocas Institutes while the exam was going to be May in 2009, and he scored 14points, a science student for that matter. Lecturers are very important, when you are doing your IJMB program in a center where the lecturers are not IJMB inclined, definitely you will have problem if not problems

IJMB will allowed you to choose three courses/subjects that are related to what you want to study in the university of your choice. The highest point for each course is five(5) points, which is denoted by A. That is all the three courses will have fifteen (15) points in total, with an addiction of one (1) if in the three courses/subjects you don’t have F(fail) which stands for 0 points. Making a total of sixteen points (16) all together.

To Apply for IJMB today at BRAS Poly, Click here to read how or Call us today on 07063612400

First Come First Serve

Point Being Given In IJMB
A = 5 courses/subjects
B = 4 points
C = 3 points
D = 2 points
E = 1 points
F = 0 points

For you to be considered as beeing pass in IJMB exam you must scored a minimum points of 5 points in total i,e EDE stands for (1+2+1) which is five (5) points.

While IJMB Is Better Than Other Programs, It is worthy to notes, that before JAMB/UTME comes to existence, IJMB was only tools used to gained admission then, ask these many professors they will come comfirmed to you. It was the other problems that are facing Nigeria in other sectors, which is also affecting education line, that seems to take IJMB from the people’s mind.

To Apply for IJMB today at BRAS Poly, Click here to read how or Call us today on 07063612400

First Come First Serve

Advantages IJMB Have Over JAMB And Other Programs
1. The result takes whopping of 15 years to expire unlike your JAMB that is only for a year.
2. You can used over it over and over again
3. You can still be doing it and apply for JAMB if you want to kill two birds with one stone
4. You will have higher PGD in your University as is going to be divided by 3years not four years not four years like others who used JAMB.
5. You have more advantages of being admitted unlike those used JAMB since IJMB students are very fewers to ratio.

Most Institutions now participate in the IJMB training programme, including the FUTMINNA, ABU Zaria, UNILORIN, KWASU and many others, but at an expensive rate of over N100,000 a session, hence, we would advice you to apply for the programme at BRAS polytechnic, Igbaja, Kwara State, with Tuition fee of only N85,000 a session.

To Apply for IJMB today at BRAS Poly, Click here to read how or Call us today on 07063612400

First Come First Serve

All The Best!

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