Happy Easter Celebrations To ALL NIGERIANS From VNTI

Easter is a period of celebrations for all Nigerians, regardless of your religions.

This should be a time to appreciate our country’s Unity, and look for ways to make it Stronger.

This is a time to look at the Journey through the year, and say, I thank God for taking me this Far.

In a Country of innumerable religions, My Indian Friends would Say,

“If I Have To Choose Between My Country and My Religion, I know where I would Stand. I would put my country first”

Jai Hindustani!!

In Nigeria, we place our Religion before our Country’s Unity, and this has been the cause of all our differences, crisis and Wars!!

Let us learn to be like these Indians, and put our Country ahead of our religion, Only then can we live together in Peace!

Remember, if our country is broken, there would be no place to stay and practice Religion!

– Obasi. D. C. Chinedu
VNTI Global Resources Ltd!

Happy Easter


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