"If they continue in their quest for success in cloning and test tubes, they might produce children/humans that would require weekly servicing to stay human"-da-silva

The above statement is no joke in any form but an actual fact from daily revelations.
We are in the 21st century and it has been documented over and over again. Invention has been going on all around the world and everyone is a testimony of each of those inventions.

Human lives have been greatly improved, thanks to the help of inventions especially machines which has benefited us in every way by making our jobs, easier and faster(just as it is defined).

The whites in their ability has improved their efforts towards improving human lives as they sought for new machines and further improvement to the existing machines.

One thing I have noticed is that for every one of this life improving machines you purchase, you are investing 2/10 (two tenth) of your monthly income into maintenance and repairs. Let's imagine this ourselves, how much have you spent on airtime and repairs since you purchased that expensive mobile phone or laptop?
How much have you spent on petrol and gasoline since you owned that lovely car, how much have you given out to DSTV owners since you bought that decoder? how much have you saved since you owned such items?

My focus here actually is on the repair and maintenance of this items rather than the cost of running them. How many times have you taken your vehicle to that mechanic?

I decided to shed light on this as a result of a discussion my uncle brought up last night. He said, "today, the generator needs servicing, tomorrow, it is the car, next, its the desktop, how much more would I spend on these items?"

Many of us recharge in excess of N5,000 on airtime monthly, blackberry and other services excluded. Laptop browsing charges is nothing to write home about. Still yet, we are crying for more appliances. Why not? After all, the engineers and mechanics must feed their families.

Every of their invention has a lifespan of one month without issues. Any other day is by the grace of the OS.
My major fear now is that they have entered deeply into genetic and DNA engineering. We here of clones and test tube babies, and they have started inventing humans, combining the power and ability of many in one.

I am pretty sure that If they continue in their quest for success in cloning and test tubes, they might produce children/humans that would one day require weekly servicing to remain human. Godly creatures should remain Godly and man made, remain what they are.

One day definitely, like their inventions, the INVENTED HUMANS would overheat and malfunction, in which case a HUMAN MECHANIC would be required.

What do you think about the effect of technology in our daily lives?
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