Enugu State University, ESUT Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

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We have the Enugu State University, ESUT Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for all to download and prepare for the examination.

Make good Use of It for best results!. A Sample is Shown Below:Free AAUA Post UTME Past Question And Answers

(Select the option that best explains the information conveyed in these sentence).
6. Our hope is that poverty in the country should be eradicated across the board
A. Poverty should cut across board members
B. Poverty should not cut across members,
C. Everyone in the country should be fret from poverty.
D. All board members should be free poverty.
(In the next two questions, choose the most appropriate option opposite in meaning to the word italics.)
7. Our earlier decision send aid to the war victims has been nullified.
A. Ratified B. Amended C. Canceled D. Upheld
8. His success at the polls was a result of Tenacity in upholding the ideas of his party.
A. Stubbornness B. Stupidity   C. Vacillation D. Carelessness
9. Copies of the handout would be sold only to those  students that hitherto had not got copies
A. Recently B. Previously C. For long D. Until now
10. The armed robber entered the man’s under! guise of a religious minister.
A. Conviction B. Cover C. Shape D. Pretext
(In each of the following questions fill with the gap most appropriate option from the list provided).
11. Our party shall sanction any candidate who resorts to means to gain office.
A. Grievous B. Obvious C. Devious D. Odious
12. He could not attend the night party his prolonged illness
A. Owing to B. Resulting from C. Due to D. Following from

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