Check MOUAU Admission List 2014/2015 Here

The Michael Okpara University Of Agric. (MOUAU) wishes to inform the general public, especially the candidates who sat for her 2014/2015 Post UTME test that and had grades above the institution’s cut off mark that the Institution has released her MOUAU admission List 2014 for 1st batch.

Concerned candidates who partaked in the screening test can now check their MOUAU Admission status as it has been pasted on the school notice board but has not been posted online.

All concerned students are advised to visit COLMAS in the school campus to check The MOUAU admission list and know their status.

Also, the MOUAU 2nd batch admission list has been released, click here to check it

To check Your Admission Status Online, Click here

Check MOUAU Tuition Fees, 2014/2015 Other Years

Check MOUAU Freshers Info, Tuition Fees 2014/2015

Admitted students are to click here to pay MOUAU Acceptance Fee 2014/2015

In case you cant visit the school, you can send someone you know there to check for you


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  1. Avatar AMArachi nwakanma says

    Y have yoU not release college of cearse admission list in mouau?

  2. Pls i will like to know the cut-off mark(s).thank you

  3. Is d admission not yet placed online?
    And again y is it showing invalid jamb number

  4. dis pple r playing with our intelligence ryt? mouau 1st list has bin out 4 over a week now nd dey avnt placed it online………

  5. Go to this portal page:
    Check your admission status there.

  6. Is 200level also inclusive in the admission have

  7. Is second list of mouau out? for 2014/2015

  8. What is the departmental cutoff mark for Accounting in MOUAU?

  9. pls wen is MOUAU 2nd List coming out?

  10. when will mouau bring out dia 2nd list na

  11. Pls my average is 52.9 food science nd technology wat r my chances nd wen is d second list coming out

  12. VNTI soon is nt an ans na b accurate.soon wen?

  13. Na wa ooop pls say sometin vnti we dy run out of patience

  14. Please i want to know when clearance and registration will start in mouau as i am a fresher.

  15. God please help me am especting 2nd list batch anyseconds, anytime, anyday, anymonth, any-year, i cover my name in thy blood of jesus christ

  16. Avatar Ossai Isioma Alexandra says

    Wat is happen na . Second batch list is nt yet out wen is it coming out

  17. Is it true that the 2nd list is coming out 6th october

  18. Avatar Okechukwu Adaora Christiana says

    Pls what about direct entry list am really not happy please MOUAU am begging you because the people i took as my parent are asking question please am begging you people in God’s name thanks and Good night.

  19. please try n find out 4us

  20. Avatar Ossai Isioma Alexandra says

    Pls is it dis week we are entering or wen pls wat de main date. Thank u

  21. Avatar Ossai Isioma Alexandra says

    Pls is it true dat is wen students finish there Exams dat is wen second batch will be out. Dat wat am hearing. Is it true

    • The MOUAU 2nd batch admission list 2014 is ready already, and would be submitted to JAMB anytime soon. Once approved, it would be released to the public

  22. I scored 49.6 as d average in d post ume and my name came out … yu guys shouldn’t b scared…God will see y’ll through….Amen

  23. I believe

  24. VNTI ,plz wats actually d general cut off mark

  25. please when is mouau second list for 2014/2015 coming out am anxious

  26. thanks

  27. Please VNTI I would like to be informed personally when MOUAU 2nd Admission List is Out.. Can you do that for me?

  28. but i hope the second list is coming out these October

  29. Avatar Ezekiel Roseline says

    pls VNTI, my average score is 44:4 wat is my assurance of getting admission? Biochem

  30. Pls wen is direct entry list cumin out I cnt wait

  31. Avatar Ossai Isioma Alexandra says

    VNTI pls is it true dat all new student must pay for hostel fees and is by force to stay there . Some people said they saw de information on website.

  32. Pls sir, How much is d hostel fee

  33. Avatar Ossai Isioma Alexandra says

    Y are u people treating us like kids dat is a must to pay for hostel fees.ok na wat if a student hav a house or family house very close to de school and decided to stay in his house, so u people inspect de person to still waste money wen they are so many tins to pay for in sch.6ok no be small money Ooo pls u people should look into dat issue again is unfair.

  34. Y are u pple cheating on studnt,must they pay for d cost of the building.mouau is selling their integrity.chy.

  35. Y must they pay yl they have houses in umuahia,60k is much,not d usual 10k.

  36. Pls wen will mouoau start selling their part time form

  37. i got 45.9 as average goin for agric economics ,pls vnti do i hv a chance of gainin admission

  38. i got 42.4 as an average goin 4 agric econs what are my chances

  39. i heard that the second list for 2014 section will b coming out on friday

  40. Avatar Ikwegbu George. says

    Thank you Guys,am happy after reading thy questi0ns and replies……..m0re grease to thy Elb0w.#no need to ask mine#pls inb0x me when the list is out ok,thanks VNTI God replenish thy strenght.AMEN.

  41. Avatar Ikwegbu George. says

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    can do is
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  42. When is the school likely 2 open for 2014/2015 academic session

  43. Avatar faith vivian says

    I got 198 in jamb nd 48.9 in post tume nd my course is microbiology. Will I be gven admission?

  44. Avatar felix monday says

    Pls I scored 184 in jamb and 52 in post utme what are my chances of admission for comp engin

  45. I scored 58 in mouau direct entry and has been waiting 4 their d.e list which is stil not yet out. Now i hv gotten Hnd admission, am jst cnfuse on what 2 do nw. Shud i go ahead and proces my hnd or cntinue waiting 4 d list? Pls i nid ur advice and also tell me wen 2 xpect d list

  46. second list is out

  47. I scored 46.3 going for marketing. Do I have hope that I will get admission? And is the second list coming out?

  48. Vnti is the ongoing registration done in the school or online wherever you are

  49. i got 44.3 as my total average, would i be admitted into mechanical egineering

  50. Is it through that the supplementary list is out

  51. Avatar Rufus vincent says

    Plz wen are they startin registration in mouau i gained admission their to study economics and plz brief me on this hostel thing bcos if am hearn all dis i became confused.

  52. When are the old students finishing their exams

  53. Avatar Confidence says


  54. Vnti, I tried checking my admission status, and it showed “invalid Jamb Reg number” does it mean that my Reg. Number is not in the school system…

  55. Avatar Confidence says

    But is their another list coming out?

  56. Finally it’s out mouau have pasted Direct entry Merit list though not yet online. I went to the school today to confirm it and Behold i made it Glory be to God. Thank u all for your support

  57. Avatar Confidence says

    Pls do you have any idea on when the next list is likely to be out?

  58. Omor I hv been offered admission in m.o.u to study agric engine..

  59. Please what is the requirements for direct entry in umudike, i mean the minimum GP reaquirement to study elect/elect in umudike

    • you can apply with any grade point you have, but admission is based and offered from the highest to the lowest till all slots are filled

  60. VNTI i gt 41.0 as averge any chance of admission?

  61. Pls VNTI I got 45.6 in my post utme for BAMbt my name is nt in d second list nd I even bought supplementary list to be on a safer side nd nw d 1st supplementary list is out nd my name was nt there for economic education.I am so confused what should I do or did they change my course pls reply me pls

    • There is nothing you can do at this time order than hope n pray. Your average is quite low, but let’s hope to see your name in the MOUAU 3rd admission list for 2014. Also, We’d advise you to get d JAMB forms for 2015, incase.

      Check: How To Apply For JAMB 2015 UTME

      All hope is not lost though

  62. Pls nd my total average was 46.5 pls help advice me on wat to do pls

  63. am really get exhausted please will there still be any more list@vnti

  64. am really getting exhausted please will there still be any more list@vnti

  65. Pls sir,wen is mouau supplementry admission list going to cum out?

  66. plz when is library science list coming out???and I did predegree in mouau(business admin)….but I did commerce in jamb d admission officer said dat I will be given library science z dat true…plz I need to knw

  67. Is it true the supplementary admission list is out?

  68. Avatar Ojukwu comfort chineye says

    I got 47.5 can i get admission?Accounting

  69. Avatar Ojukwu comfort chineye says


  70. Avatar Confidence says

    Pls wen is next list coming out?

  71. VNTI plz will mouau release anoda list n when?

  72. Please sir, I scored 203 in JAMB, 40.4 in PUME(46 as average) registered for Agric Engineering. Any hope of admision in any Engineering department?

  73. Pls fellow students I just got the information that I’ve been given admission in MOUAU. Pls how can I check if my name appeared in their list, supplementry I think.

  74. Am tired of all this things of MOUAU, am geting faild why all this things? Pls when is third batch coming out? If not third batch i will do something strange to myself seriously. Crying all days since first batch came out.

  75. Avatar mercy chidi says

    when will mouau realse their 3rd list

  76. plz sir will another list come out this month

  77. plz sir will another list still come out

  78. Avatar Aharanwa Uchenna says

    I had 206 in jamb and 53.3 in my post ume to study business admin but still haven’t got any admission. What’s happening MOUAU

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