Best Universities To Pursue Your Postgraduate Degree In Nigeria

This thread highlights some of the best Public Universities in Nigeria to enroll for a masters degree program. The Conclusions from this thread are largely a product of experiences and testimonies of students who have passed through these universities.Therefore it is safe to say that this rankings are not backed by any empirical evidence, However, it serves as an insightful guide to help would be applicants in making an informed choice of a public university to enroll for a masters degree program in Nigeria.

The following parameters where taken into utmost consideration

1. PG Calendar stability
2. Availability of Supervisors
3. Mean Speed of Completion of Thesis/Dissertation
4. Official Duration of Masters program
5. Percentage of Students graduating within the official stipulated period of study

1.University of Lagos(Unilag): The Prestigious Unilag is arguably the best public University in Nigeria to pursue a Masters degree in terms of Speed, with an official duration of 18months, Unilag provides speed, a stable and a strict academic calendar(unless altered by an ASUU strike) and a Plethora of erudite and distinguished Academicians across all its faculties and departments such that there are no shortages of professors and Doctors to supervise students. An average of 8 out of 10 students(80%) will complete their studies within the official stipulated duration barring any unforeseen circumstances.

2.University of Ilorin(Unilorin) Closely following Unilag, is the University of Ilorin. With no burden of ASUU Strikes, Unilorin towers far an above 99.9% of other public universities as the destination of choice for most masters applicants. Getting a Masters admission into Unilorin will require you to write a very competitive entrance exams, for a first timer, you would be forgiven if you mistake the crowd being witnessed on such days as Jambites who have come to sit for POST UTME examination.Unilorin also boasts of an unperturbed Academic calender that is resistant to the almighty ASUU strike. Also with an official duaration of between 18-24 months Unilorin offers speed and stability. Barring any unforeseen circumstances you will graduate at your eighteenth month from the “better by far University”.

3.University of Ibadan(U.I)
: Their Slogan “the first and still the best”. Nigeria’s Premier University makes the no. 3 spot on our list. U.I is unarguably the best and most prestigious university in Nigeria. The only university from Nigeria ranked in the 2018 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings of the top 1000 universities in the world. Churning out more world class researches than any other university in the Land, U.I. has more legions of academic veterans than any university in Nigeria, a University of many firsts. If you are looking for a reliable and prestigious public University to complete your masters program within the best time possible U.I. should be top on your scale of preference. In terms of quality and quantity of research work carried out in Nigerian public Universities, No University comes close to U.I. If you work hard enough, you are guaranteed to finish your masters program between 18 to 24months. The admission process could however be a tedious one as applicants would be required to take two entrance tests, the first is a general Use of English test and the other a departmental based exams.

4.University of Jos (U.J): The Tin city university popularly known as U.J is another viable option for a speedy completion of a masters program .With an average completion period of between 18-24months, U.J offers speed across many of the disciplines on offer. The little dent on UJ’s reputation however is the possibility of the school to be shut down whenever there is an uprising giving that Jos itself is a volatile town susceptible to religious riots. Notwithstanding U.J still offers one of the best run masters program in Northern. Nigeria.

5.Nigerian Defense Academy(N.D.A): Nigeria’s Military university is well known for training and development of military officers both physically and intellectually however very few folks are even aware that the NDA has on offer an opportunity for civilians to run Masters degree programs in a wide range of disciplines. NDA has a stable calendar which is Immune to strikes. Barring any drastic circumstance, a student will complete his Masters in NDA in 24months.

Notable Mentions
*MAUTECH (formerly known as Federal University of Tech Yola)
*University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)
*National Open university of Nigeria (NOUN)
*Federal university of Technology Minna (FUTMINNA)

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