ASUU Strike 2013: ASUU Decides Friday November 8th 2013

In line with the agreement reached with the Presidency on Monday 4th November 2013, The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka chapter will meet on Friday November 8th 2013 to deliberate on the New offer by the president in order to take a stand that will be forwarded to the union’s National Executive Committee.

The National President of ASUU Isa Fagge disclosed to newsmen after their meeting with the President that he will pass the new offer made by the President to their members nationwide to deliberate and reply the president back. Mr Fagge however refused to disclose the new offer to newsmen.

This information have been published by The Office of Public Relations, Students’ Union Government, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK Awka.


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  1. Avatar Chris Dumuijay says

    THE ASUU NIGHTMARE.-by Chris Dumuijay.

    At our present level of education reformation, It is extremely deplorable that ASUU only means Academic Staff Union Of Universities on the pages of Nigerian Journals : but to every Nigerian students from the Tertiary Scholars to the Elementary School Pupils, ASUU means nothing else to them but The Academicphobic Strikers Union Of Universities. This is strongly against the background that whenever the acronym ASUU is mentioned, the first question that comes to bear is : “Are they on strike again?”

    For all I know, a Union is a “coalition of persons committed to achieving a goal aimed at improving the state and condition of the common people within the sector at which the coalition was incorporated”. So long as The Nigerian Tertiary Education is concerned, which is the sector where the Academic Staff Union of Universities operates, the lecturers are not the common people, but rather, the students are. The lecturers owe it as a professional responsibility to ensure that “the students are educated in the right academic ambiance so as to enhance the students power of understanding, thus providing for an effective knowledge impactation with the view of producing erudite scholars that are to make a difference in their world and respective fields of professional practice”.

    But the reverse is the case in our today’s ASUU because their greed and allergy to take a bow has made the shepherds abandon their flocks and herds in search for a kid rabbit that is ruling its little world in its tiny hole that can never play host to these giant shepherds. Truthfully, in their unprecedented strike actions and agitations, “I foresee no positive feasibility”. This is also going against the background that in our present day Nigeria, ASUU strike is now regarded as a slothful hobby of some academic lazybones by the government they are trying to discipline.

    ASUU should be protecting the students interest rather than frustrating their academic programs. Should there be a revolution, it should be through peaceful dialogue rather than indefinite strike actions. At our present level of academic transformation, ASUU should be agitating and canvassing for good lecture rooms, immaculate surveillance in our universities that will nip cultism and campus terrorism to the bud, round the clock internet facilities, updated libraries and research centres in our universities, Creation of employment opportunities for our graduate youths, Subsidized tuition and school fees so as to make education a right to all citizens, and highly equiped laboratories for experiments and analysis for our student scientists; rather than their present day self-centered clamor for salary increase, fulfilment of governments allowance pledges, extention of professors retirement age, and possibly, in the nearest future, they may be demanding for post-humus pension plan for the family members they left behind. The need for the positive agitations outlisted above is pertinent to our academic growth because everybody in the tertiary level of the Education Sector; “from the newly admitted students to the highest professors on campus”, are going to be beneficiaries as they are all students of/at their respective institutions of study and academic practice.

    At this juncture, as a religious patriot committed to the service of motherland, and on behalf of the Greatest Nigerian Students: “I humbly appeal to our Almighty ASUU to reconsider their stand and go back to their lecture rooms”. Nigerians and the International community wouldn’t want to believe that a 13 hours meeting with the President Of The Federal Of Nigeria -Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GCFR-, which was duly witnessed by the NLC and TUC Presidents was a fruitless Isrealite wandering through the wilderness. Nigerian Students are truly not smiling to YOUR 4 months old exercise, which in all ramification, has been an ambush to frustrating our academic plans, schedule, and goals for this academic year.

    Remember, “when the profitability of any act is not positive, it amounts to a waste of time,energy, and resources -Chris Dumuijay”.

    God Bless Nigeria!
    God Bless ASUU!
    Greatest Nigerian Student!…
    9ja Oni Baje O!!!

    By Chris Dumuijay.

  2. Dis country nigeria has gone to the extent of making strike a trend in solving any national is said dat an idle man is the devils workshop, if only dis asuu people know what a devilish act a student can do while idle for over four month they will not waste time to call of this there selfish self-centered request

  3. Dis our country has made strike a trendy solution to any national problem. Every body in nigeria from primary sch level to our tetiary level has this notion dat when ever assu is mentioned the tipping question will be’are they on strike again? They say dat an idle mind is the devils workshop, if only dis assu people know what devilish act a student can do for four months of idleness they will call off dis there selfish and self-centered request. After de offer made by the federal government asuu is still meeting to vote on wether our education should proceed or to fall its a shame to nigerian education. All i want to say to asuu is that the nigerian student are waiting for them

  4. asuu! asuu! asuu! dat hw u will ol end; we will nt 4giv u guys 4 kipin us idle 4 over 4month nw… as u guys r on diz strike we pray dat hw tonda will strike ol of u.. ameen…. & if una lyk mona rich 2020.. idiot…..

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