ASUU Are Divided And Confused, Nigerian Students Deserve The Truth- Obasi

While the Students of Nigerian Universities and polytechnics have remained at home for over 4 months owing to industrial actions from the two Lecturers Unions(ASUU and ASUP), the members of the Union continue playing Hide and Seek with the Future of the Nigerian Youths.

From recent gatherings and unfolding events, it has been made evident that the different chapters of the Union are divided on their stand regarding the Ongoing strike, or probably, Not all chapters are considered during meetings with the Federal Government.

We Have Quite A Big Problem Here!!

While the ASUU Chapter Federal University Otuoke Bayelsa, confirms to us, the meeting between the Vice President and The Union, of Which the ASUU President, Nasir Fagge, was said to be present And Met with His Team to discuss the proposed increase to N200bn FG grant annually, Today, the Same Union, basically the UNIABUJA chapter denies the link and says, “There Was No Such Meeting Between The Union, and The Vice President”, and no such things were discussed, such as;
• The increase of N100bn
• The Raise of allowance settlement to N40bn
• The Plea to Call Of Strike or other specified issues.

In His Own Words, ““In fact, I read the mischievous report online myself, but I am telling you authoritatively that there was no such meeting.
“Government is only trying to use propaganda and cheap blackmail to make us call off this strike, but it will not work.
“Our strike is still very much on course, in fact ASUU will soon release a position paper on these developments, we are used to this kind of blackmail from government,” Chup said.”

Our arguement now is whom do we believe??

ASUU FUOTUOKE on wednesday, reveals there was a meeting, and new terms were offered, of which the union members met on Friday and Saturday before declining the offer, insisting the strike would go on, Unless another N200bn is added to the current offer of N200bn for the current year, as revealed by the Vice Chancellor of The Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa, Himself
(Read the report here, while today, the UNIABUJA chapter of the Union declined any such Meeting, and blames the earlier reports on Government tricks and Propagandas.
Read His Speech Here

The Big question is, Did the Government of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan come to FUOTUOKE to deliver the speech, or publish it on the University website as seen here:

From the above analysis, it is evident that either ASUU is divided, or the Politics involve are actually been played inside the Union itself.

Whatever it is, The Nigerian Students Deserve to Know the truth, members of the Union, ASUU, should be able to come out and tell us what the truth is, Not Today, FUOTUOKE chapter says something positive, tomorrow, the UNIABUJA chapter says a different, next week, the ASUU president himself comes up, and say a completely different thing.

We deserve to know the truth on what the Stand really is.

– Obasi. D. C. Chinedu
VNTI Publications

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