The Students of the Anambra State University(ANSU), Uli, happens to be experiencing the traditional secondary school fiesta as professors turn Form teachers at an institution that ought to be a citadel of Higher learning.

Every student who passed through a secondary school, especially a private college in the Federal Republic of Nigeria must be aware of the Fun which normally characterize the school fees payment period.
During this period, form masters guard the door to the classrooms preventing any student without an evidence of payment, from being part of the days activities. This evidence of payments was traditionally called “Teller” signifying “Bank Tellers”, but today has been revolutionized to receipts. A couple of mean and high tempered form Teachers even go all the way to chase their students down the streets on which the school is located with a whip. This actually is where the Fun lies, since students enjoy seeing their teachers “Run”.

Away from the secondary schools, VNTI gathered that the Anambra State University(ANSU), has basically decided to prevent students who are still owing their fees from partaking in the end of semester examination.
Here, the professors would present themselves as the form teachers with a roll call in hand to identify the creditors from the debtors, and according to the report from ANSU, the debtors would be denied a place in the examination hall.

The Anambra State University(ANSU) currently has their tuition fees on a six figured N106,700 which tragically is not affordable by many students of the Institution which has contributed to the high debts this session.

The students of ANSU has however appealed to the NUC to come into the matter and save the day since they could not afford the luxury of a “privatized state University” as students call it, and would not want to miss their semester examination, on the other hand. The reporter simply summed it up by quoting, “ALL FINGERS ARE NOT EQUAL”

EMMA reporting from Anambra State University(ANSU).
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