The recent riot which occurred at the Anambra state university(ANSU) uli has been earlier published but VNTI went further to seek the detailed causes for the action, because, “only a severe violation of personal rights could cause a group of humans to be infected with the animal disorder virus(ADV)”, a situation which was observed at the anambra state University(ANSU) last wednesday(16/05/12), our findings are detailed below.

According to witnesses who were bold enough to give their testimonies of the ANSU incident, it was documented that due to the extremely high tuition fee of the Institution, majority of the students of the institution could not afford the luxury of the institution and at the time of the examination, they are yet to pay up their fees. It has been earlier announced prior to the ANSU semester examination, that students found still owing, would not be allowed into the examination hall.

Examination finally took centre stage on wednesday which all led to the incident. It was reported that a student of the institution, who is still yet to pay up his fees entered the examination hall with fake school fees receipts in order to take his papers. He however ran out of luck during the process and was caught by the invigilators. They in turn, handed him over to the Anambra state University(ANSU) anti-cultism Unit, otherwise known as MKPIWAZU for prosecution and punishments.

“only a severe violation of personal rights could cause a group of humans to be infected with the animal disorder virus(ADV)”-VNTI

According to the ANSU students, the anti-cult unit went beyond punishment to the extent of violating his personal rights, in broad terms, he was stripped nude in public, a situation which wasn’t accepted joyfully by the watchers, and they in turn cast objects ranging from small pebbles to large rocks at the anti-cult unit, some students in this annoyance, happened to return to their various campuses and to the surprise of the watchers, these students with Guns chased the ANSU invigilators and lecturers out of the examination halls.

The ANSU anti-cult squad were not left out as they were chased out of the University compound by this students. As if that was not enough, it was reported that major buildings were destroyed which include;
• The anti-cult office
• The VC building.

The fleeing anti-cult members called the service of the mobile policemen(mopol) from ihiala who on arriving managed to curb the situation, as can be seen in the picture above.

That was the end of ANSU examination at Uli for that day.

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