The Anambra State University has just released her 2012/2013 ANSU admission list for second choice and supplementary applicants who sat for the Second choice post-utme screening test for admission into degree programmes for the 2012/2013 academic session.

The ANSU admission list which is still yet to be uploaded online was release earlier today and pasted on the notice boards across the 2 campuses of the Anambra State University (Igbariam and Uli campus).

The second batch admission as reported, was found to include more admitted persons, who were offered provisional admission in their various department of studies, in the Anambra State University.

All Aspirants of ANSU who participated in the University’s secon screening test as well as supplementary candidates are advised to access the admission list by visiting any campus of the Anambra State University.

Congratulations to all those who made the list.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. GOD am so hapi 4 being admitted in2 Ansu,am so grateful!

  2. is nt viewing anytin

  3. Avatar emmanuel olokor onos says

    pls i scored 180 in my postume and 225 in my jamb, do i hope of admission in ANAMBRA STATE UNIVERSITY


  5. Pls i score 152 in post utme n 256 in jamb wat are my chances of getting admission

  6. hey….pls i am presently somewhere in the northern part of the country and i dont have anybody to check for me….pls when will the names be posted on net….?

  7. pls how can i check d admission list?

  8. Plz i got 210 in my jamb and also scored 236 in ma pume… Plz wat a re ma chances of gettin admission in comp. Sci

  9. Avatar Okafor emeka says

    I got 184 in pume and 253 in jamb,do i hv any chance of getting admission

  10. Pls who wil help me check my name in d skul

  11. Avatar Chuks uche says

    Pls,i scored 241 in jamb and 188 in p-utme,an aspirant of ECONOMICS. What are my chances gaining admission…???

  12. Avatar Obi chioma says

    Pls hw can i check my name ansu students sd is nt on their board

  13. Avatar Frank obiorah says

    Pls i scored 227 in my jamb nd 120 in post utme, wht are my chance of getting addmission into Geology.

  14. Avatar blessing Nnachi says

    i got 176 in putme nd 219 in utme any hope 4 me 4 mass com pls help me

  15. Avatar ikebudu frank c says

    pls i gat 204 in my post ume nd 209 in my jamb…kan any1 pls help me check for my name

  16. Avatar Destiny Kelvin says

    Any1 dat nid help inform me here is my number k.08135863199

  17. Avatar ekechi edwina says

    plz wen will d 2nd batch list b released on net. I live very far away nd i cnt wait 2 check my status.

  18. Avatar Anyanwu augustine okwudiri says

    Pls wia can i check my name, i got 212 on pume nd 246 jamb.

  19. Avatar chinenye anabuike says

    pls are dere any order list coming out vecause i was among d first choice and i couldnt find my name,is dere anytin lik 3rd,4th…..batch.pls i need d anser urgently…08106291633

    • Of cus more list will be out soon u can reach me on 08136255986 for further info

    • Plz if u nid accomodation,my rum is empty at SOLID VILLA..Itz a self contain wit water n power supply facilities n is close 2 skul..Call 07032887163. Coleman

  20. Pls i scored 180 in my post ume and 218 in my jamb do i have any hope of gaining admission in the department of accounting. God pls help me to gain admission in ansu this year.

  21. Pls sir/ma,after calculating my scores, i had an average score of 208.5 and i choose geology as my choice of course and am also from Anambra state.pls what are my chances of getting admitted.Also a student in ANSU at uli told me that he din’t see the list in the campus notice board,pls how can i get to see the list?

  22. 2 my fellows dnt ask if u cn.bliv dat u cn.suxex 2 al nd congrat 2 mi fellows whose names re out=up thumb 2 u al

  23. Avatar aralu temple says

    am happy today been a student of ansu and also indeed with aim of me when am aspiring. To u guyz their am wishing to all u admission indeed.

  24. Avatar Aniedo cynthia says

    Pls wo wl help me 2 check my name on d board.

  25. Avatar Aniedo cynthia says

    Pls wo wl help me 2 check my name in d board.

  26. Avatar Esione Gorotti says

    Pls,i nid sm1 2 help me check my name. Microbiology. Cos a friend of mine said she didnt c any list on d skool board o

  27. Avatar George christopher says

    Pls i got 237 jamb nd post utme 144,my average is 190.5,4 masscom bt inside exam hall ,i change 2 socialogy.pls wat re my chance 2 get adimission,pls flash me ,i will call 07065230546.Lord help me out

  28. I scored 221 in jamb nd 260 in pume…wats stand in getting biochemistry @ansu

  29. Avatar Okoye Ewezugachi says

    Plz i got 212 in my jamb and 148 putme plz is their any hope 4me

  30. Avatar Nelson Simon says

    I got 226 in jamb and 216 in post ume,chemical engineering.wot ar my chances of getting admission?and when is ansu second batch admission list coming out?07031587734.

  31. Avatar LUVLY-JENNY says

    I scored 200 in post ume n’ 249 in jamb going 4 econz,pls is d list on net now? Coz i cn’t wait 2 c my name

  32. Avatar sunday okenye says

    2nd batch s out. But nt yet seeing how can wil cheack it pls tel me

  33. My reg no z 25289107GF…any ansu student shld pls help me chek d second list…i applied 4 biochem nd my jamb nd pume scores re 221 nd 260 rest..08034251498

  34. Smart how did u check it

  35. What is d website to checking ansu admission status

  36. @smart nd all thoes who have checked where did you checked

  37. where is the list am getting bored

  38. my fellow aspirants let’s wait on GOD because he knows the best

  39. If u need som1 dat wil help check ur name in admission list call dis number 08068368546.i wil check it 4 u

  40. Avatar Nwabue James says

    I got 148 in post ume and 248 in jamb, corus political science any hope for me or pls cal dis no 07067932026

  41. Avatar Eze.vivian says

    I scored 230 in my jamb nd 128 in my pume,nd the average is an aspirant of biological there any hope of admission 4 me.pls i need an urgent vivian here is my no.08108027909

  42. Pls wia cn i check my admission status

  43. dia is no list in uli campus o. Mayb its a scam.

  44. cn b f help if u r interstd in me checkng d list 4 u….cal me 07067525143

  45. Avatar My name is nwaobi theresa chinenye says

    Pls am cofused, help me 2 check my name on d list pls pls ooooo help me out

  46. Avatar Evelyn chuks says

    I beliv in my self,cus my father in heaven has already finished it all 4 me,so my fellow frends jst pray hard nd beliv in ur self

  47. i got 190 at my jamb and 96 at postume i pray 2 god 4 hope

  48. Avatar Anyadike ikechukwu says

    plz i score 184 in jamb and 176 in post ume, aspiring 4 masscom plz did i av a chance of gaining admision.

  49. Please i score 212 in postume nd jamb..what re my chance of gettin admitted?….,

  50. D 2nd batch admission list is out nd been pasted at uli nd jamb website,i just checked my nd was me 07030265964 if u need help,but i hate pple without faith o.

  51. Plz,i scored 187 in jamb,nd 168 in d p.ume….law,any hope 4 me?

  52. When is the list coming out on net and also i need the cutoff for biology education thanks

  53. Dose update na wash..i have been 2 dy skul didnt see any name

  54. Avatar Udealor joy ujunwa says

    I scored 234 in jamb and 209 in p-utme,an aspirant of Economics what are my chance of getting Addmission?God pls help me

  55. Who is telling us the truth about Ansu 2nd batch admission list. few said is out,many said is not out.we need good information on this site pls.if u knw d truth speak it

  56. Am a std of ansu computer sci i kan hlp u chek wn it kums out at my skul nd u kan reach me un 08130802522

  57. @ujunwa u have 80% chance of getting admitted just have faith,jamb died line is october so der is stil more list 2 cum out b4 den,just keep up d faith u used nd call me,is wel.

  58. @ujunwa u have 95% chance of getting admitted just have faith,jamb died line is october so der is stil more list 2 cum out b4 den,just keep up d faith u used nd call me,is wel.

  59. Avatar Mystic chioma says

    What ar my chances of getting admited to study geology with 225 as jamb score and 176 postume?

  60. Avatar onuchukwu chidubem chetachi says

    still waiting 4 d list ansu

  61. Plz i wnt 2 d skul nd no 2nd list is out de hv nt even start payin d acceptance fees

  62. Pls i got 186 in jamb and 236 in post ume …. Pls wat are my chances of gaining admission into the department of anatomy

  63. Vnti how could you people ave pasted this on your site? The list is not out,and acceptance fee have not started. Please in God’s name be sure before posting next time. A lot of people count on this site for a solid and vilid info. Thanks

  64. Avatar Luvly jenny says

    God pls help me,may my name be among of dis up cuming list,,,my advice 2u all is 2 put ur trust in nd believe all ur ambtion wl surely be fulfilled….!!!cheers!!!

  65. Avatar Okafor Michelle says

    I heard the second batch is not out. . .but the first is. . .i scored 240 in my post jamb and 200 in my post utme. . .still praying!!!

  66. Guyz who told u dat,even d payment of acceptance fee is on,p/s palz dont believe in wat sum bar student sayz,4 help stil cal me with my above num.

  67. Avatar Blessing chioma Ezeanyaso says

    Hi,pls i score 240 in jamb and score 164 in ansu 1st choice and 176 in 2nd chioce what re my chances od getting admission?

  68. pls sir/ma,i got 198 in jamb n 264 in pume and am an aspirant of law.pls what r ma chances of gettn admission in ansu?08137145459

  69. pls is ansu second batch admission list out,pls i need to knw,god help us all amen

  70. I got 232 in jamb nd 148 ansu is my 1st nd 2nd choice any hope 4 adm?

  71. Avatar uzodike chukwukamso m says

    alert me when second batch is out pls

  72. Avatar okoye cornelious says

    hi i scored 140 in ma p ume and 219 n jamb wat a ma chances of getin admision

  73. Avatar Chiamaka Ambless Aneneolisa says

    Pls am Ansu aspirant,i got 235 in jamb and 160 in putme what are my chances in gaining admission into masscom department,beside is 2nd batch out? Pls check my name 4 me and call me pls 08065584565

  74. this is to inform prospective students that this information is wrong. i am akubueze chukwuebuka a student of anambra state university, i must tell u clear that this information is wrong, u can visit school official site to confirm this. for further info u can call me on 08064741098


  76. Pls i got 140 in post ume and 237 in jamb so i dnt knw if i wil gain addmisson in chemical engineering.pls i need a reply

  77. listen….al..second…batch…s…nt……disturbin…urself..d..fact..s..dat…vc…travel…nd..nt..yet..bk…d……ok…cal..o7o66467129…4…

  78. This information is false..visit Nd call d support lines.

  79. Plz u pple should stop confusen pple by tellin dem dat second batch is out.d truth is dat second batch is nt yet out cos i went 2 d skul myself bt c notin and even on net bt still seein its nt wet out bt may b out b4 d end of dis month

  80. U pple dey give wrong information 2nd batch is nt out

  81. D list z far 4rm out.lyk ebulkelz said,visit d website&call d support lines( 4 more info08134161092

  82. Avatar Udoh joy Emmanuel says

    Pls b sincere wen wil d 2nd batch b out both on d skul board nd on net

  83. Pls i dn’t undastand anymore pls may i knw d truth is list out

  84. Avatar hastrup stella says

    4real every1 d list is not yet out, d only solution 2 dis nw is 4 we al 2 go in2 prayers with faith. Becos GOd dat did it 4 odas wil do it 4 us al.

  85. Avatar ibekie augustine chigozie says

    please i did not see second batch list on net,or hav’nt dey peast it?and how do i check it?25520605jb sm 1 help me,07034288570.biochemistry.i got 240putme and 249 utme.

  86. I am stanley. A student of ansu. Pls as at yerterday i did not see any list maybe it came out this morning. But dont worry, IT IS WELL.

  87. pls i appiled 4 direct entery in law department,is der any news yet about d list

  88. pls i wt 2 check my admission status and am nt close 2 d skul hw wil i do dat am stayin in benue plz tel me.

  89. Avatar ibekie augustine chigozie says

    please how should we check the admision list online?is not in d net.and we are far from d 2 campuss.please u pple should help us paste it on net.

  90. Faith is simply the engraftment of man unto God there making gods out of a mere man, ah am 100 percent rested in this admission issue.

  91. You guys should just have a little faith. It worked for me. I got admitted into unn to study industrial chemistry. I also applied for ansu. Like i said, just have a little faith

  92. I got 128 in pume,n 224 in jamb,wat re my chances of getin addmited..flash me 08133827712

  93. Pls,i want 2 knw if ansu hv startd paying aceptance fees bc my name appeared on der 1st batch microbiology

  94. make diz ppl do nd post this admission…we dn wait enough………

  95. i scored 204 in jamb an my pst utme score is 268 am i going 2 b admitted?

  96. Avatar Ezeirenwanne says

    I scored 258 in ma jamb and 163 in ma putme,shud i hve hope? Political science

  97. pls…wen r w expectn d 2nd batch list?

  98. Wishin u all d best.. Hv goten via 1st batch bt 2nd batch is yet 2 cum after dia exams

  99. Wat are my chances of gettn admissn in ansu,i scrd jamb 221 nd post utme 160..pls is the 2nd list owt?

  100. my dearest the 2nd batch list is not out yet may be after ansu exams it will be uploaded call me for help checking it for you incase its out 08039183804

  101. Avatar ukwu Elizabeth francisca says

    Pls am in lagos an I don’t av anybody 2 check d admission list for me I need someone to give feed back thanks.

  102. the list is nw out as for law only for names came out

  103. Avatar uba chukwuebuka says

    Names finally out bt only at uli for now•. Take this serious it came out tday• Wish u all gudluck

  104. Am aspirant of ansu..any bdy 4 chemical…e or cumputer sci should hook me up at 08062868817…let share our views..GOD HELP US DIS YRAR.thankz pal

  105. Wen is ansu exam ending cos i cnt wait to cee ma name on d board n congrat on ma admission status

  106. Wow

  107. Avatar 2013/2014 jamb form says

    Please Sir, is this the avert ANSU batch list?

  108. Thanks alot for this article, is this the latest results or you’ve shared anyone lately?

  109. Avatar madueke chinedu ugonna says

    plz plz plz, i am nt in anambra nw nd i hav nobody 2 hlp me check my name.i wuld b vry gr8ful if sum1 can hlp me check nd giv me feed bak. My numba is 07066839009. I aplied 4 law. Fanks a lot nd may God bles u.

  110. Avatar Destiny Kelvin says

    Pls my fellow student jst put trust in God dat u are going to get admission.Don’t listen to dupers k cos dey are many luking 4 those to dupe. the admission list is out but they only paste it @ uli and within a short tym they wil upload it on net.Have Hope and faith in God. 4 more information kal me wit dis number [08135863199]:

  111. Dnt rili get it, is d list 4 d 1st choice aspirant or 2nd choice aspirant, or is it 4 both? Sumone pls reply me cus am nt getin d rite informatns! Ds my num. 07089342159. Tanks

  112. Pls sir/madam i scored 144 in post ume and 244 in jamb and i changed my choice of course from political science to psychology in the exam hall pls wat should i do caus i hv seeked for dis admission for yrs dis is my num 08063844397

  113. Avatar Cynthia olumba says

    Wat is the cut off mark 4 accounting? Nd is there any possibility of being given an orda course if i did nt get to wat is need?

  114. Avatar madueke chinedu ugonna says

    hi guyz, plz i score 242 in jamb nd 280 in post ume.i heard d second batch has been released, d problem i hav is dat i hav no 1 dat wil help me check my name.plz if u ar readin dis nd can hlp me check, i wil b most gr8ful d numba is 07066839009 nd my jamb reg is 25114397AH law faculty.fanks a lot.

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  116. @last d long awaitin list is out;kudos 2 al ansu freshers…pls when will ansu freshers begin/resume 2012/2013 sesion.

  117. Wil ansu release anoda list

  118. Pls my name is nkem i score 250 in postume and 218 in jamb .microbiology pls did hv emil is

  119. Pls, my frends d list is nt yet out incase of any fake news.

  120. at last i made it

  121. Avatar Bash melody says

    When some body dies he face judgement,wheather admittet into hell or paradise

  122. There re grter chance dat u guys will make it.gudluck

  123. If u need accomdation ad a sincere frd call me 07037302121 and i can help in cheeking ur names

  124. Avatar chinedu eze says

    pls am in benue smbdy help me out in checkin d list

  125. plz i scored 148 in my pust ume and 251 in jamb, what are my chances of being admitd

  126. Plz z d 2012 second choice admission list truly out, if yes plz reach out 2 me thru my email

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