80 year old Pa Amodu

80 year old Pa Amodu

Pa Alimi Amodu yesterday, proves that Education has no Age restrictions, as he graduated at the 17th Lagos State University(LASU) convocation ceremony with over 27,087 students aged 80 years.

Earlier this year, It has been a surprise to most people when a 74-year-old retired military officer, Colonel Layiwola Adegunju, gained admission to study Law at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Pa Amodu who happens to be a father seven children, and hails from Oluyole local government of Oyo state, graduated from the University with a second class honours In sociology.

As a result of his desire for knowledge, he has successfully applied for and passed an entrance examination for Masters degree at the Lagos state University(LASU) to study industrial relations.

His zeal and love for education spurred the Rotary Club of Lagos to encourage him with an award for his steadfastness in 2010. He also won the “Man of Repute” Grand Award of the Department of Sociology, LASU, in2004, being his first year in the university.

According to Pa Amodu, He wish to become a Ph.D holder and also want to establish a primary school in his hometown in oluyole Local government, before returning to the creator.

Indeed, Its never too late to learn.

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    It is good but should trained his wards if any.may be he was challenged by anoda graduate

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