5 Reasons Why You Should Stay In The Hostel

Should I Stay in Hostel or Off Campus?

Many students, especially aspirants of various Nigerian Tertiary institutions are usually faced with the big decision of choosing where to reside when they are in school. Let’s analyse this argument below.

Majority of students strongly prefer to stay off campus due to the benefit it offers, while others prefer to stay in the Hostel for their own reasons. Today, we are going to educate students and aspirants on the need to stay on campus, especially for the first year for the following outlined reasons:

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Why You Should Stay In The Hostel


Why were you admitted, to study right?? Staying on campus gives you lots of chances to concentrate on your studies. There are lots of discussion groups to join, don’t forget the tutorials too. Friends would call you to come and read at night in one of the lecture rooms.


Staying on campus would surely save you lots of money when boarding buses or cabs. And if you think you got the quid to spill, then you could get caught during RUSH HOUR, where big heavy guys would tear you into pieces when rushing for buses. Staying on campus makes you just have a stroll and enjoy the scenery!!!


This is very important!!! We always hear cases of rape, robbery, assault etc outside the university premises, but on campus, there are lots of security guards on patrol. Even the man-o-war troops, cadets, etc would lend a hand….


when you stay on campus, you tend to be more serious, so you wake up, have a bath, dress up and stroll down to the lecture theaters, you may get a space in front. But if you stay off campus, you wake up, have a bath,dress up, wait for the bus for 30mins, the bus may break down, may even tear your new Thomas pink shirt….


Its always fun staying with your peers, campus hostels can never be a dull place, its like a mini village!!! There are comedians, touts, clowns, in fact no dull moments!!! There is always a hall rep, who is an automatic member of the student union representative council, who may even organize shows, end of session dinners, etc and it tends to be free…..

Note: The write up is a contribution from a Nairalander and represents his suggestions.


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