3 Steps To Pass Post UTME & Gain Admission

Year after year, candidates continue to sit for JAMB, make very wonderful scores and write several post UTME examination without any luck in gaining admission. For some of these candidates, It is as a result of their chosen programmes/courses or universities, while for some others, it is just that they simply do not do well at either their UTME or mainly their Post UTME examination.

The first class of admission seekers who are committed to getting their dream course can actually continue their attempts at admission. We encourage them to go for gold. However, this post is for the other group of admission seekers who simply do not do well to pass their post UTME despite their wonderful JAMB scores.

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Today, we would talk about How To Pass Post UTME & Gain Admission

You would be surprised to find out that passing post UTME is very simple.

Yes, you head us right, it is very simple. All you need to pass post UTME is just down to three vital steps.

1. Having the Proper Orientation

2. Adequate and Targeted Preparations

3. Pray and Seek For Gods hands.

1. Having the Proper Orientation:

If you are sitting for post UTME this year, of any Institution and you do not know the nature of their post UTME, How it is Conducted, nature of their questions and how they mark or calculate their aggregate scores, then, we are sorry to say that you are not ready yet.

If you are truly prepared, you would even know up to the point of what the cut off mark for your course was the previous year.

Lets tell you a little story, in 2011, one of our workers sat for the OAU Post UTME Screening for admission into Medicine. This candidate scored over 300 in his JAMB UTME for that year and was marching with confidence to the OAU post UTME along with another of his friend that scored 315 in the same JAMB UTME.

Unfortunately for them, they weren’t aware that the marking system for the OAU post UTME for medicine was Negative marking.

They proceeded to the post UTME without even taking any tutorial for the OAU post UTME at the institution and unfortunately it led to their downfall. They scored 227 and 217 respectively.

Thats just a little reason on why its important to have the proper orientation on the nature of the post UTME of your institution of choice before proceeding for the said examination. This affects a lot of candidates every year, especially first timers.

Another important information to find out is if their post UTME is Conducted via Computer Based Test (like UNN & most schools) or Paper and Pencil (like EBSU). This would help you know how to prepare for the examination. (Click here to find out if your school is CBT or PPT).

Also how your school of choice marks their post UTME examination is another very important detail to know.

You would wonder why that is so. In some schools, all questions at the post UTME do not carry the same mark, despite them all being single questions. E.g, at UNILAG post UTME of the university of Lagos, the mark for Tue current affairs sections isn’t the same with that for the mathematics section. And so on.

Funny enough, some students even do well, but unfortunately do not know the basic requirement of their school/course of choice. This was the story of Abubakar Sadiq who applied for Medicine in UNN in 2014.

Fortunately, he was admitted, but unlucky for him, he didn’t know that UNN doesn’t take two O-Level results for Medicine and he most that admission.

Fortunately for him, the university had a means to transfer admission between departments, as long as you meet their cut off, so he was able to switch to Pharmacy, which accepts 2 O-Level results.

Dont make that mistake, you can check here if your school accepts 2 O-Level results.

2. Adequate and Targeted Preparations

Now that you have gotten the required orientation about your school and the nature of their screening, the next step to take to pass your post UTME this year is what we describe as Targeted Preparations.

You would wonder why it is called targeted. Well, there is no need going to prepare for UNN Post UTME of the University of Nigeria, when you are reading UNILAG or UNILORIN’s past questions and study guides.

That would be total disaster, and that unfortunately was the story of one of our readers in 2013, which was among the prime reasons why we wrote this article.

The student in question assumed that all Post UTME’s for the same courses are the same, just like the UTME and this lady applied to study Medicine at the University of Lagos, UNILAG, but resides in Enugu. Not knowing the nature of the UNILAG post UTME, She bought the post UTME past questions of the University of Nigeria, in Enugu and used it to prepare for the screening.

However, it dawned on her that she has failed when in the UNILAG post UTME examination hall, she was given questions in Mathematics, English and General Papers (which is the normal UNILAG post UTME for all courses), after she has spent the greater part of 2 months preparing for English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics (as done in UNN).

As you would expect, she performed very poorly and lost a year. The sad part was that she had 298 in the UTME that year.

Hence, Targeted Preparations refers to preparing for the post UTME of your own institution and not a general preparation, which is usually done by most students.

You would wonder how you are going to do targeted preparation. This is simple, it begins by knowing the nature of your schools post UTME Screening and you can simply do this by obtaining a copy of your schools Post UTME Past questions. Click here to get the past questions for Free.

Once you have obtained the past questions, you are advised to study and attempt every year in the past questions and most Institutions do repeat past questions.

Also, you should study the JAMB UTME past questions because, some other institution do extract their question from the JAMB past question (example, UNN which makes use of JAMB past question and the Felar 909 Book for English). Some schools like the Ebonyi State University, EBSU, funny enough take their questions from UNN past questions, as has been observed in 3 different years.

Targeted or guided reading would help you accomplish much more in little time and ensure that this year becomes your last.

3. Pray and Seek For Gods hands.

Last but not the least step is to pray and seek Gods hands. sometimes, its not all about reading. We have seen people loose admission and fail their post UTME for little errors like:

Mis-shading: Shading their details wrongly and ending up with no results.

Technical Errors: Some candidates, during CBT post UTMEs accidentally log themselves out of their screen or submit their questions prematurely and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Its the end of the exam for them.

Some even arrive at at the wrong screening venues and waste precious time finding their venues.

Last but not the least, it could even be from the village. We had a candidate from Abia who attempted admission at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK, Awka for about 3 years without success, but on the 4th year, he accidentally filled his state of origin as Anambra (who had a higher cut-off at UNIZIK) and surprisingly, he was admitted that year. Who knows if his village people have been targeting maxwell from Abia, but fortunately, who applied was maxwell from Anambra.

All this and more are many reasons why you should seek God’s hands in prayer to pass Post UTME, whether you are a christian, Muslim or Trad.

Finally, we hope that after going through this summarized and abridged post, you would be able to Pass your post UTME and secure admission this year.

We tried to make this post as short as possible, but You can ask more questions on anything we couldn’t cover using the comment forms below.


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