Charging Of Tuition Fees Cant Stop In Nigeria- VNTI Analyst

Recently, the Federal Executive Council made a statement that no federal university should charge tuition fees. According to the FEC, the law does not allow it. This was stated by the Minister of State for Education, Anthony Anwuka, while briefing State House correspondents after the cabinet meeting presided over by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Click Here To Read That

However, VNTI Analyst, Mr. Chinedu insists that its all talk show and cannot be realized as long as other channels are still open for the Federal Govt Institutions to Still collect their fees. Its all in the Grammar.
According to him, for the FEC to state that no Federal Institution should charge tuition fees, and still in the same speech include that Students can pay other auxiliary fees, but not in excess, is just putting students in the same spot that they are currently in after getting their hopes up.

First, What is Tuition Fee: This is the amount paid by a person/student to receive Knowledge/Lectures.

Technically speaking, Federal Institutions do not charge tuition Fees, but Auxiliary fees. The fees the average Nigerian Student Pays do not cover for tuition but only auxiliary items like:
Course Registration Fee, Departmental Dues, Development Fee, Examination Fee, ICT, ID Card Library Fee, etc

Take the school Fee Receipt of a Known Federal Institution Below:

You would notice that there was no tuition fee indicated but just Auxiliary Fees.

So the question i ask now is; Who is Deceiving Who?

If the Federal Government truly wants to make Tertiary Institutions Free, It should put an end to these Unwaranted Auxiliary Fees, and not getting our hopes up by saying the Obvious that tertiary institutions shouldnt charge tuition fees, because they do not.


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