Ajayi Crowther University Warn Students Against Immoral Acts, Drugs

The Ajayi Crowther University has once again warned her students against committing immoral acts in dark places, as well as the use and distribution of hard drugs, unacceptable hair styles etc, insisting that defaulting students would not be allowed into lecture halls hence forth & may be suspended. See full details below

The University Management has observed with dismay that in spite of repeated warnings, several students still pair up in dark places at night to commit immoral acts. Students are, therefore, reminded, once again, that the University does not condone pairing up of male and female students, particularly after 7.00 pm. Students are advised to carefully study and understand the provisions in the Students’ Handbook, especially Chapter Five of it, which deals elaborately with students’ conduct.

The Sheriff Deputies and other agents have been empowered to arrest culprits and those caught in any act of immoral conduct and/or prohibited association will be suspended from the University with immediate effect.

The Vice-Chancellor has directed that ALL shops on the campus, including those at the hostels, must henceforth close at 7:30 pm and their operators vacate the campus immediately thereafter.

All students are barred from being seen in the vicinity of Faculty buildings and lecture rooms as well as isolated places as from 8:00 pm everyday.

Students are again warned against possession of contraband items such as hard and prohibited drugs, condoms and other sex-related items and gadgets. Any student caught in possession of such items will be summarily expelled from the University.

Students who wear unacceptable hair styles and hair-dos are advised to visit their barbers/hair-dressers immediately for necessary actions as such students will NOT be allowed into lecture rooms and examination halls forthwith. For the avoidance of doubt, students are advised to regularly visit the University website to familiarize themselves with the acceptable norms in this context.

Unscheduled checks will henceforth be conducted at specific but undisclosed locations on the campus to enforce strict compliance with the foregoing.

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