NYSC: Top 15 Best & Highest Paying States For Service

This is a guest post by a corper, who just finished service.

I just graduated and the next phase of my education is to serve my country for one year, but i later realised that if i am given an opportunity to select a state to serve for my NYSC i won’t even know what to say because i don’t even know the best states that will be a huge advantage to a corper .

In order for me to be able to make a good choice on the states i decided to do a little digging on this topic , i didn’t do this for myself alone but for the sake of other corpers like me .

For the sake of those students graduating this year and the once that has graduated and preparing for their NYSC services ( National Youth Service Corps) i have compilled this list of Best States For NYSC In Nigeria.

Graduating from school is one thing but making choice of the best Nigeria cities or state to serve is another thing . The essence of this article is to guide students going for their NYSC service the best states and cities to serve considering factors like security , standard of living and pay (also called ALAWI).

The Best 5 States to serve in Nigeria And Highest Paying States in that order are:
1. Ogun
2. Lagos
4. Enugu
5. Anambra
6. Rivers
7. Abuja
8. Osun
9. Akwa Ibom
10. Cross River
11. Osun
12. Ekiti
13. Ekiti State
14. Delta
15. Abia

Soon enough, we would publish the exact amount paid by both Federal and State governments to corpers in this states.

If you are a corper who just finished service, don’t hesitate to share your story with us by comment below.

All the best!

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