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Two goats once meet in the middle of a wooden bridgeover the river in a village. The bridge was so narrow that only
one goat can pass across it at a time. “Go back,” shouted the first goat in anger. “I am older than you,” answered the
other. “I will soon teach you a lesson, we shall know whose bones are stronger,” challenged the first
So angry did they become they started to push each other. This led to butting, and they continued to fight until at
last, both of them fell into the river. Neither of them could swim, and so both of them drowned.
1. Where did goats meet? A. In the middle of the bridge B. under the narrow bridge C. at the end of the bridge D. over the river
2. What caused the argument between the two goats? A. the goats were foolish B. each goat wanted to be first C. the bridge was too narrow for both of them to cross D. the river was deep and narrow
3. Why did first goat order the other goat to go back? A. because the first goat was older B. it wanted to teach the other a lesson C. the first goat was in a hurry D. because the first goat was more foolish
4. Why did the second goat want to cross first? A. because it was very angry B. wanted to push the other C. because it was stronger D. to challenge the other
5. How did they try to settle the dispute? A. by teaching each other a lesson B. by fighting C. the first goat walked over the other D. both of them went back
6. What happened to them finally? A. they started to butt B. they wounded each other on the bridge C. they continued to fight D. both of them went back


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