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Calculators, Cell Phones and other electronic devices are not allowed. Any form of examination
malpractice automatically disqualifies the candidate. Candidates may use logarithm tables.
Shade the answer sheet as appropriate with HB pencil only
Read the following passage and answer the questions based on it
Why should an artist attempt to concentrate his experience of life in a unique work of art? No Final answer can be given, but two possible reasons suggest themselves. Man seems always to have preferred order to disorder. His whole progress on earth has been a struggle to this end. Everything he has done, from the creation of vast empires to the
growing of small gardens, has been triumph, in greater or lesser degree, of order over chaos. To help control his own thought, the sudden surprises of his limitless mind, he has had to invent Language.
As each new thing appears, whether it be an idea or an object, he gives it a name and thus brings it in to line with the things he already understands. And he has invented for himself more than one kind of language. There is a language of painting, a language of architecture, or mathematics-to name but three.
Each has its own special symbols, its own form of logic; and each enables him to express some of the myriad thought that crowd his mind. High among the languages of man is the language of music.
1. Through his struggles man has achieved
a. the growth of disorder from order
b. the transformation of order out of chaos
c. the return of a state of utter confusion
d. the complete destruction of vast empires
2. Man invent the Language because
a. he already had control over his mind and its countless ideas
b. it helped to organize his thought and unceasing ideas
c. there was little he could do at the time to diversify his talents
d. it was a method or realizing his position as a Supreme Being
3. By naming objects or ideas, man was able to
a. clarify things and correlate them with facts already known
b. allow an area of complete confusion to develop in language
c. comprehend less and less the things around and about him
d. make visual impressions for more important than ever before
4. The various languages can be identified by
a. the endings of the various symbols and their simplified logic
b. their use of the same marks or signs and system of logic
c. their own science of reasoning and their peculiar marks or signs
d. the manner in which their logic agrees and their symbolism is similar
5. The work “myriad” (line 12) as used in the context means ___________
In each of the Questions 6-10, there is a gap. Complete the gaps with appropriate item from the options A-D under each sentence.
6. If you try to write without having a clear idea, you often end up just ______ without saying anything very meaningful
a. gambling b. rambling c. drooling d. boasting
7. The four of you should share the remainder ________ you
a. between b. within c. among d. around
8. 1 have no doubt that Enyinba will__________ Oaks next Saturday
a. win b. ship c. flog d. beat


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