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13. The housemaster was foaming in the mouth when he discovered the some students had sneaked out of the hostel. This means the house master
(a) was very sad (b) had epilepsy (c) became silent and calculative (d) was uncontrollably furious (e) was jittery
14. Who told Mabel she could sing? She really laid an egg at the talent show. This means
(a) Mabel’s performance was very embarrassing
(b) Mabel’s performance was very interesting
(c) Mabel’s performance was very impressive
(d) Mabel’s performance was not very bad
(e) Mabel’s performance was like that of a hen laying an egg
15. Mr. Johnson is on the warpath because his car broke down again. This means Mr. Johnson is
(a) ready to fight his mechanic
(b) started fighting the government because the road was bad
(c) very infuriated
(d) fighting a war with his family in the car
(e) drawing a battle in between him and his mechanic
FOR QUESTION 16-20, choose among the options A – E the word that is nearest in meaning to the italicized word in
each of the sentences
16. As he watched the winning film his face remained inscrutable.
(a) unreadable (b) pale (c) unfriendly (d) impossible to please (e) enjoyed
17. He resented being criticized every time by his boss.
(a) preferred (b) abhorred (c) ignored (d) carefully considered (e) enjoyed
18. The President announced that all political prisoners have been pardoned.
(a) condemned (b) severely rebuked (c) banished (d) reprieved (e) released
19. The most striking thing about the just-concluded World-Cup Final in Germany was the complete eclipse of the
defending champion – Brazil
(a) sudden disappearance (b) defeat (c) failure (d) brilliant performance (e) arrogance
20. His latest album has done much to boast his reputation as a writer
(a) increase (b) establish (c) nourish (d) destroy (e) decrease
For question 21 – 25, choose from the options A – E the word or phrase opposite in meaning to the underlined word.
21. Andrew is too garrulous for my liking
(a) dull (b) apathetic (c) laconic (d) easy going (e) dumb
22. The man holds parochial view on almost every issue.
(a) rational (b) realistic (c) popular (d) broad-minded (e) sensible
23. The doctor certified the tumour malignant (a) benign (b) ripe (c) painless (d) dangerous (e) slow
24. The people appreciated the chairman for his invaluable contributions to the community’s development.
(a)worthless (b) costly (c) unrecognized (d) incalculable (e) meaningless
25. Your idea on this issue seems to me quite novel.
(a) bookish (b) dangerous (c) archaic (d) genuine (e) good



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