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62. None-luminous objects can be seen because they
(A) are polished (B) are near (C) reflect light (D) emit light
63. The correct unit of energy density is
(A) kg m-3s-2 (B) kg m-1s-2 (C) kg m3s-2 (D) kg m2s-2
64. The motion of smoke particles from a chimney is typical of
(A) oscillatory motion (B) rotational motion (C) circular motion (D) random motion
65. One of the properties of gamma rays is that they are
(A) negatively charged (B) massive (C) neutral (D) positively charged
66. The process whereby the molecules of different substances moves randomly is called
(A) surface tension (B) diffusion (C) capillarity (D) osmosis
67. The process whereby a liquid turns spontaneously into vapour is called
(A) evaporation (B) regelation (C) boiling (D) sublimation
68. The velocity of sound in air will be doubled if its absolute temperature is
(A) doubled (B) halved (C) constant (D) quadrupled
69. A thin converging lens has a power of 4.0 diopters, determine its focal length
(A) 0.25m (B) 0.03m (C) 5.00m (D) 2.50m
70. An electric device is rated 2000W, 250V. The correct fuse rating of the device is
(A)8A (B)9A (C)7A (D) 6A
71. Satellite communication network makes use of
(A) infra-reds (B) sound wave (C) visible light (D) radio waver
72. If two inductors of inductances 3H and 6H are arranged in series, the total inductance is
(A)18.0H (B)9.0H (C) 2.0H (D) 0.5H
73. The current in a reverse-biased junction is due to
(A) electrons (B) majority carriers (C) holes (D) minority carriers
74. In an a.c circuit that contains only a capacitor, the
voltage lags behind the current by
(A) 90° (B) 180° (C)600 (D) 300
75. The ray which causes gas molecules to glow is known as
(A) molecular ray (B) gamma ray (C) anode ray (D) cathode ray
76. The charge carriers in gases are
(A) ions only (B) electrons and holes (C) electrons only (D) electrons and ions
77. Which of the following materials is a conductor?
(A) plastic (B) sodium (C) wax (D) glass
78. The instrument used for securing a large number of similar charges by induction is called
(A) capacitor (B) electrophorous (C) electroscope (D)proof-plane.
79. The pitch of a sound note depends on
(A) timbre (B) harmonics (C) quality (D) frequency
80. In which of the following material media would sound travel fastest?
(A) water (B) oil (C) metal (D) gas




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