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1. The number of individual in a habitat is release to the unit space available to each organism is referred to as the
a. Birthrate b. Frequency c. Mortality d. Density
2. The group of bacteria that are involved in the conversion of ammonia to nitrate is
a. Antibacterial b. Neurosepoys c. Thizobium d. Clostridium
 3. The sequence of ear ossicles from the sense ovalis a. Malleus, incus and stepes b. Malleu, stepes and incus c. Stepes, incus and malleus d. Stepes, malleus and incuse
4. The major function of the cell membrane is that
a. Delimits the cytoplasm b. Synthesis protein c. Breakdown spindles d. Is the sites of photosynthesis
5. The network of double membrane that conveys material through the cytoplasm
a. Plasma membrane b. Vaccine membrane c. Nuclear membrane d. Golgi body membrane
6. In the plants exhibiting alternation of generation the diploid multicellular stage known as
a. Sporoophytes b. Gametophyte c. Hetaphyte d. Cimatiophyte
7. Secondary thickening is initiated in the dicotyledous stem by the
a) Xylem parenchyma b) Secondary phloem c) Endodermis d) Cambium
8. The increase in the width of blood vessels the mammalian skin at high temperature known as
a. Constriction b. Vasodilation c. sweating d. excretion
9. The genotypic ratio of 1:2:1 in the offspring of a hybrid cross illustrates the law of
a. use and disuse b. dominance c. segregation d. variating




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