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Answer all questions: shade the answer sheet as appropriate with HB pencil only
Day 3A, Thurs. 29th July 2010. Time Allowed: 35 mm
1. Shadows and eclipses result from the
(A). refraction of light (B).rectilinear propagation of light
(C). diffraction of light (D).reflection of light
2. An object which is 3cm high is placed vertically 10cm in front of a concave mirror. If this object produces an image
40cm from the mirror, the height of the image is
(A). 0.75cm (B).4.00cm(C).8.00cm (D).12.00cm .
3. A boy looks at the image of an object in a plane mirror. He observes two images, a main bright one and the other
faint. The observe image result from
(A). reflection only (B). refraction only
(C). diffraction and interference (D). reflection and refraction
4. What must be the distance between an object and a converging lens of focal length 20cm to produce an erect
image two times the object height?
(A).2Ocm(B). l5cm(C). 10cm(D).5cm
5. For a short sighted person, light rays from a point on a very distant object is focused.
(A). in front of the retina (B).on the retina by a converging lens
(C). behind the retina by a diverging lens (D). in front of the retina at a distance of 2F from the lens
6. When light is incident on an object which is magenta in colour, which of the following colours would be absorbed?
(A). red and blue (B).green only (C). red and green (D). red only
7. In a resonance tube experiment, the effective length of’ the air column for the first resonance is 20cm when set into vibration by a tuning fork of frequency 480Hz. Neglecting end effect, the velocity of sound air is
(A). 96ms’ (B).255ms’ (C).340ms’(D). 384ms’
8. A some wire of’ length I 00cm under a tension of’ ION, has a frequency of 250Hz. Keeping the length of ’the wire
constant, the tension is adjusted to produce a new frequency of 35011,. The next tension is
(A). 5.1 N (B). 7. N (C’). 14.ON (D). I 9.6N
9. One of the properties of the earth’s magnetic field is that the
(A). north pole lies in the northern hemisphere
(B). geographic and magnetic meridians coincide
(C). earth’s magnetic flux entirely horizontal
(D). earth’s magnetic flux is entirely vertical at a place where the magnetic dip is zero
10. There cells each of e.m.f 1.5V and an internal resistance of 1.0ohms are connected in parallel across a load resistance 2.67 ohms. Calculate the current in the load



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