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FUTMINNA Post UTME 2007/2008

11. A government spokesman announced that efforts ________release of the hostages are continuing
(A). to obtain (B). obtaining (C).for obtaining (D). of obtaining
12. l know you think I’m talking nonsense, Shehu, but _____ you realize that I was right
(A). at one time (B). on time (C). in time (D). at time
13. The Inspector of Education who made several trips on the bad road returned yesterday completely
_______ by fever brought down (B).putdown (C).worn down (D).worn off
14. The vice principal asked the students to always _______ this answers only from the textbooks recommended for the course. (A).look out (B). search out (C). look up (D). bring up
15 I know that your friend will not accept the proposal, ________
(A). and you neither (B) and neither you (C).neither do you (D) neither will you
16. Mark is a very handsome fellow who informs me that he has _________ for pretty girls
(A). a heart (B). a lip (C). an eye (D).a mind
 17. Wale Agun, in creating his characters, draws freely _______experience in life
(A) by (B) in (C) on (D) of
18. When I have an appointment with someone, I hate ___________ waiting
(A). to be keeping (B). for (C). being kept (D). in being kept
19. It’s no good about the result until you have sat form examination
(A). to worry (B). for worrying (C).worrying (D) to have worried
20. If you don’t want to your car to robbers, then don’t travel in the night.
(A). loose (B). loss (C). lose (D). lost



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