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From the words lettered A to E below each of the following sentences, choose the group
of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined expression as it is used in the sentence.
41. She tried to settle the quarrel but the man remained obstinate to listen to her.
A. offensive B. angry C. stubborn D. unstable E. impolite
42. Okon attempted to entice Eno with the promise of a handsome sum of money
A. deceive B. enchant C. force D. trick E. tempt
43. I am very proud to speak before this august assembly.
A. Ignominious C. monthly D. untrue E. popular
44. It is absurd to suggest that Tunde should marry that saucy lady.
A. pitiable B. hopeless C. humorous D. untrue E. ridiculous
45. The principal’s orders are imperative. A. lenient B. authoritative C. genuine D. E.necessary
46. The suspect was made to walk in front of the anxious crowds.
A. surprised B. astonished C. engrossed D. curious E. questionable


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