Two UNICAL Staffs Gets Commonwealth Awards!

Two members of staff from the Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies and Institute of Education respectively, University Of Calabar(UNICAL), have been named as one of the first recipients of the Association of Commonwealth University small grants for early career academics.

The awards were launched to mark the centenary of the Association, whichis the oldest international association of universities in the world. They are available to early career staff at member universities who have not previously had the opportunity to travel to other Commonwealth countries as part of their professional development, and are typically used for attendance at an academic conference, or visit to a potential collaborator.

Announcing the first twenty awards, ACU Deputy Secretary-General Dr. John Kirkland said that the emphasis on early careers reflected ACU research which showed this as a critical period for academics throughout the world.

‘At a time when higher education is expanding in many countries, it would be easy to deprive new staff of the individual attention that they deserve. Our awards are small, but we hope that they will have a distinctive impact’.

The University of Calabar is one of over five hundred members of the Association, spread over fifty countries.

Further details of the Association’swork, including details of the next round of early career awards, can be found on the ACU website at:


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