The National Universities Commission(NUC) has announced the suspension of all part time programmes, run by Nigerian Universities.

In a statement according to Executive Secretary of the Commission, Professor Julius Okojie, The action by the commission, is to enable them streamline them to follow a single file.

Prof. Okojie mentioned that all Universities, running such programmes, must be willing to meet the conditions of the commissions as stipulated below:
1. No university should have more than 20 per cent of their student population on part-time with excess capacity to teach.
2. All part time programmes must be located on campus.

Based on the University accreditation functions, as governed by the NUC, The secretary disclosed that;
…………. All Universities seeking accreditation must score over 70 per cent in all areas of assessment, including the provision of library facilities before it would be accredited.

In his own words, He said, “But if your library facilities are poor or sub standard, even if you score over 70 per cent, you will not be considered fit enough for accreditation,”

Right now, all part time programmes have been called off in Nigerian Universities, and the commission has urged all Universities, to abide by the rule, in order to enable them evolve a more focused and Credible System.

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