NDU Post UTME: Things You Should Know?

I want to plead with you to study hard for this exam to avoid failure, which could result to a waste of time and money you spent on the UTME exam you took, time waits for no one most especially the ladies,life could be more sweeter when the right things are done at the right time in other sense i mean life is sweeter when you enter tertiary institution at your early youthful age cos you still got other degrees ahead for those who wana push further (msc,phd,profesional courses) .
So If you don’t prepare well for the exam, you might go back home empty handed. This is one of the reasons people write post utme up to six years without admission.


1. Understand the Type of Exams you are taking: Before you can pass Ndu post utme exams, you will have to understand the nature of the examination. Ask these vital questions before the exams; Is the exams computer based? Or is it paper and pencil test? How are they setting the question? How many questions? am i expected to answer. What type of questions am i expecting? Is it essay type questions? Is it multiple choice? This information will enable you to know how to prepare better for the upcoming examination.

Most of ths questions have being asked and answered on these thread,though i will roll them back for the benefit of 2015 set

?1. Is NDU post utme cbt(computer based test) or ppt (paper and pencil test)
Answer: For now its ppt…though reviews are on,in test running cbt platform for pume

? 2.How many questions?
Answer: 100 questions.

?3. How are the questions being set?
Answer:Question are being set according to your course of application
e.g all sciences,engineering,medical science,basic medical science should expect thz combinations in thier pume exams >>>English,Maths,Chemistry,Physics,Biology & same goes with agric applicants,just dat agric sci will be included in your combinations

social sciences>>English,Maths,Economics,Government,Geography

management sciences >>English,Maths,Commerce,Government,Economics

Law & Art >> English,Government,Crs,Lit-in-Eng


?4.How many are you expected to answer?
Answer: You are expected to answer all.

?5.What is the overall scoring.
Answer: Overall scoring is over 400,which means each questions carries 4marks each.


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