UNILORIN Scraps Department Of Criminology

The University of Ilorin on the 22nd of December, 2016 scrapped it’s department of Criminology.
This was disclosed during a meeting with sudents of the department by representatives of the institution such as the HOD’s, Dean, Sub-dean and others.

According to a source in the department who disclosed the reason why the department was scrapped. He said;

“What happened is that when we were admitted in 2014, NuC came for resource verification (accreditation) and the result was just released few weeks ago. So it was told that the dept didn’t meet the required standard so it should be scraped”

“As a result of this they school authority tried to solve the problem so that students won’t be left stranded.

“Initially they brought the suggestion that we should be moved to faculty of education but they see that there will be a future negative implication So that plan was jetissoned. Now they brought two options;

“No 1:

“We should be moved to sociology. How would they achieve this.

“As for 100 level students, they are going to be distributed to psychology, social work, geography and sociology but anyone who feels his utme combination fits economics he or she can go

“As for 200 and 300 level, all the soc core courses that should be studied in 100 and 200 level will be streamlined together and study them in 300 level as we are now *(100 level soc courses will be studied in 1st semester we are now while 200 level soc course will be studied in 2nd semester). As for 300 level soc courses we are going to study them during holidays (July to September 2017) instead of being at home we will be in sch studying ( special semester)

No 2:

“Inter-university transfer. If you are not pleased with the sch decision you can make transfer to where the is beeng studied like Unijos, UI, Unilag Lasu and other schools But the problem is
a) the financial constraints
b) it is very risky. once you decide to be transferred, the sch will get you the transcript and go to the school. Then, your studentship is terminated and if the sch you are willing to be transferred to reject you, you will be left with nothing (double loss)
C) as for 300 level who wish to move, the person will start from 200 level not 300 level I

“It was an heart breaking meeting, the Dean of the faculty, Hod of Pol science, psychology, sociology, faculty officer, faculty sub-dean, Mr obasanjo, mrs isiaka and Dr Adekeye were in attendance.


  1. Unilorin very strict school and disciplined

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