Cost Of Final Year Project: How Much Did You Spend?

This is a brief research into the cost of running a final year project in an average Nigerian University.


During the course of our Research, we have observed that the cost of running a Final year project is dependent on the course (Science or Art) and also on the nature of project given. some engineering faculty does only simulation
others request for the real practical.


Various individuals have spent amounts ranging from N10,000 to N1 million for their final year projects.


The amount spent at the end is more expensive for science students who do a lot of creative projects than for art students who do more of questionaires and Survey work.



Few Responses from Individuals:

  1. School: LAUTECH. Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.I spent about 35k on the project itself. Printing was 3 for 10 naira . Can’t remember the specific price of binding. Did my typing and data analysis myself. Funny thing is I didn’t write my project by hand. I typed it straight and convinced my supervisor that it was better and faster. I would print each chapter in his office and submit to him for correction.

    Almost a year after graduation, I spent another 10k to have the project printed in a journal. So in total, I spent about 45k




This List would be updated soon with the details of the cost of running a final year project!


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