JAMB 2016 UTME: Questions To Expect 1, Leaked!!

The Following are the questions to expect in the upcoming JAMB 2016 UTME which would be a Computer Based test across various centres in the country.

We would not tell you that this are actual questions so, you wouldnt say you got it from us, but for the Next 50 Days, we would be releasing 20 Questions to expect at the JAMB 2016 UTME of which Two questions per day, would be the actual question. Before the JAMB 2016 Examination day, we would have released all expected questions.


At the moment, we have only questions for English Language, so we would dealing with English Language Only!

From the words or group of words lettered A to D, choose the one that best completes each of the following sentences.
1. I found out recently that one can enjoy….without drinking
A. myself
B. yourself
C. oneself
D. herself

2. The two cats are so similar that I cannot tell whether that one is

A. yourself or myself
B. yours or mine
C. my or you
D. you’s or my


3. ……..all the contestants, the judges then announced the winner

A. to see
B. seen
C. seeing
D. having seen

4. His cloths were not only tattered but also…..with oil

A. were dripping
B. is dripping
C. drip
D. have dripped

5. I ….at the hotel for two days when I was suddenly asked to leave

A. have stayed
B. was staying
C. had been staying
D. stay

6. The young man came to Lagos…the intention of staying with his friend
A. for
B. by
C. on
D. with

7. The school boys were told to refrain…smoking
A. from
B. with
C. in
D. for

8. He is a very brilliant student so it is not surprising that he got a…..
A. first-class result worthy
B. worthy first-class result
C. result first-class worthy
D. result worthy first-class

9. The children inherited many houses from their father but they have sold off…….
A. them of nearly all
B. them nearly all of
C. nearly all of them
D. all of them nearly

10. Mrs Coker had an accident because she was…..
A. rather driving carelessly
B. rather carelessly driving
C. carelessly driving rather
D. driving rather carelessly

11. The boy needs a broad piece of paper and…….to practice his drawing.
A. some crayon
B. crayons
C. crayon
D. much crayons

12. Mr Johnson instructed his driver to ensure that the tank of the car is filled with…..for the long journey the next day
A. petrols
B. much petrol
C. petrol
D. a petrol

13. The policeman has gathered ……to complete the investigation
A. sufficient information
B. few information
C. many infromation
D. an information

14.Udoh was….hasty in his decision to resign
A. much
B. some what
C. such
D. enough

15. Doctor: “How is the ulcer patient? Nurse: He’s recovering…..faster than we expected”
A. very
B. much
C. too
D. so

From the words lettered A to E below each of the following sentences, choose the word that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word as it is used in the sentence.
16. The lawyer remarked that the fact that the accused did nothing when the innocent boy was being lynched made him culpable
A. liable
B. untrustworthy
C. guilt
D. unreliable
E. blameworthy

17. The labour leaders described the newly-introduced economic measures as obnoxious
A. offensive
B. prudent
C. inevitable
D. unpredictable
E. shameless

18. Spain was once a very powerful nation but her influence has waned over the years
A. disappeared
B. repealed
C. echoed
D. diminished
E. re-appeared

19. The boss is quite inflexible once she has made up her mind
A. wicked
B. relaxed
C. unyielding
D. excited
E. permanent

20. The mineral resources of the country are yet to be fully tapped
A. assessed
B. discovered
C. cultivated
D. invested
E. exploited


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