JAMB 2016: 10 Less Populated But Lucrative Courses For Admission

Ahead of JAMB 2016, choice of course have been a problem in Nigeria . all young people wants to get into almost the same set of course like;
1. Medicine & surgery
2. Law
3. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
4. Nursing
5. Mechanical Engineering
6. Accounting
7. Civil engineering
8.  Architecture
And lot more ; this have been the reason why most students have not been admitted.
People with very high marks tends to secure admission, while some other gets by connection.
According to various research and interview pertaining to the reason why students choose only these set of course we have come to understand that most believe it is lucrative, it has prestige, while others are push by their parents.
Today I bring to you list of some course you can get with good scores & is less populated .. Which gives you chance to be admitted.
Note I will be telling you how this less populated course is lucrative.
JAMB 2016
Less Applied But Lucrative Courses For JAMB 2016
1. Prosthesis & Orthotics
2. veterinary medicine
3. Material & Metallurgical Engineering
4. Agric Engineering
5. Mathematics & statistics
6. Surveying
7. Radiography
8. Building technology
9. Geology
10. Optometry
JAMB 2016
1) Prosthesis & Orthotics
African continent with a population of 150 Million. Out of this population, more than 15 million is having various disability and in dare need of various rehabilitative treating or services. One of such treatment is providing Prosthetic/Orthotic service.
Prosthetics can be defined as the science of fabricating various Orthopadeic devices or appliances
to substitute or replace a missing body part. It can be an upper or lower body extremity. Example includes Trans-Tibial and Trans-Femoral Prosthesis for the lower body extremity and Trans-Radial and Trans-Humeral Prosthesis for the Upper body extremity to mention a few.
Orthotics can be defined as the science of fabricating various Orthopedic devices or appliances to substitute for a missing body function. This might be due to disease that affected a body part etc.
In Nigeria, the country can boost of three National Orthopaedic Hospital located in the Northern, Western and Eastern part of the country. Within these hospitals has department responsible for the provision of Prosthetic/Orthotic services. Its quite sad to say that amidst the population of the country and the physically disabled population in need of P/O services.
JAMB 2016
2) Agric engineering
An agricultural sector plays a vital role in the economic growth of the country. It contributes 29.4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). A graduate who specializes in this field is known as an agriculturist. Not only production of fruits, vegetables and food grains is impacted by
agriculture, the industries dependent on the agricultural sector for raw material are also affected. Agricultural engineers use engineering laws to all activities related to agriculture and horticulture. The job of an agricultural engineer is to develop agricultural production by means of better engineering technologies, equipments, methods and inventions.
Enhancement in farm structures, bio-gas, agricultural farm machinery, rural electrification, new technologies in the design and production of agricultural products and also conservation of soil and water are some of the jobs of an agricultural engineer.
JAMB 2016
3)Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Your work at Chevron Energy Technology, shell Company will involve a wide range of activities, including metallurgy, welding, corrosion control and nonmetallic materials.
You’ll support the operation of existing refineries, oil fields, pipelines and chemical plants, as well
Your duties will include:
Selecting materials
Resolving corrosion problems
Conducting failure analyses
Researching and solving problems
Providing nondestructive examination support.
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