UNILORIN 2014/2015 Convocation Ceremony Holds 22nd Oct!

This is to inform the 2014/2015 Graduands of the University that the 31st Convocation Ceremonies of the University of Ilorin, UNILORIN for the awards of First and Higher Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, and Presentation of Prizes, will commence with a Jumat Service on Friday, 16th October 2015 and ends on Sunday, 26th October, 2015 with a Special Thanksgiving Service on the Main Campus of the University.

Details of the activities are as follows:
1.1.Friday, 16th October, 2015
a. Event: Jumat Service(Special Jumat Service for the commencement of the Convocation and 40thAnniversary Ceremonies)
Venue: Unilorin Central Mosque
Time: 1:00pm

1.2.Sunday, 18thOctober, 2015
a. Event:Special Church Service(Thanksgiving Service for the commencement of the Convocation and 40thAnniversary Ceremonies)
Venue: Chapel of Light, Unilorin
Time: 10:00am

1.3.Monday, 19thOctober, 2015
a. Event:Vice-Chancellor’s Press Briefing
Venue: University Auditorium (Basement)
Time: 10.00 a.m.
b.Exhibition Opening Ceremony
Venue:University Auditorium Basement
Time: Immediately after the VC’s Press Briefing
1.Event:Convocation Play
Title:“Tornadoes Full of Dreams’’(A Drama) written by Bode Sowaande
Venue: Performing Arts Theatre
Time: Two shows at 4.00pm and 6.00 pm

1.4.Tuesday, 20thOctober, 2015
a.Film Show
Title: Alaaru (Carrier) by Tayo Afolayan (An Alumnus of Unilorin)
Venue: University Auditorium
Time: 10:00am prompt
b.Performance by The National Troupe of Nigeria
Title: IBA (A Dance Drama)
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, University of Ilorin
Time: 4:00pm

1.5.Wednesday, 21stOctober, 2015
a.Re-Union Luncheon
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, University of Ilorin
Time: 11:00am
b.Performance by National Theatre of Ghana
Title: Firestorm
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, University of Ilorin
Time: 5:00pm

1.Thursday 22ndOctober 2015
1.a.Convocation Ceremony Day 1
Investiture of the Chancellor
Convocation Lecture
Lecturer: Professor Jacob Kehinde Olupona, (Harvard University, U.S.A)
Topic: Educational Reform and Nation Building in Nigeria
Award Of Prizes, First Degrees and Diplomas for Faculties of Arts, Education, Law, Management Sciences & Social Sciences
Venue:University Auditorium
Time:10.00 a.m. prompt
1.b.Chancellor’s Cocktail in honor of the Convocation Lecturer
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, University of Ilorin
Time: 2:00pm
1.c.Alumni Get-Together
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, University of Ilorin
Time: 6:00pm

7.Friday, 23rdOctober, 2015
a. Convocation Day 2
Anniversary Lecture
Lecturer:His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, (President of Ghana)
Topic: Africa’s Agenda 2063: Ending Poverty & Ensuring Prosperity in Africa.
Venue:University Auditorium
Time: 10.00 a.m. prompt
Award of Prizes, First Degrees, for the Faculties of Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Communication & information sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Postgraduate Degrees and Diplomas.
b.Unveiling of the Book: University of Ilorin @ 40 :The Soaring Eagle
Venue: University Auditorium
Time:10.00 a.m. prompt
c. Special Jumat Service (Thanksgiving Service for the successful Convocation Ceremony and 40th Anniversary)
Time: 1:00pm
d. Commissioning of Projects by the Visitor
Time:3.00 p.m.
e. Convocation Luncheon and Merit Awards
Venue:Multipurpose Hall, University of Ilorin

1.Sunday, 25thOctober, 2015
Special Church Service (Thanksgiving Service for the successful Convocation and 40thAnniversary Ceremonies)
Venue: Chapel of Light, Unilorin
Time: 10:00am

Graduands are please requested to note the following information:
i) The 2014/2015 academic session statutorily commenced on 1stAugust 2014 and ended on 13thAugust, 2015. All convoking graduands are advised to check their names on the list of graduands displayed on the University Website – www.unilorin.edu.ng
ii) Each graduand shall be allowed a maximum of two (2) guests. Invitation cards to such guests will be issued to graduands when they arrive to collect their academic outfits. Children will not be allowed into the University Auditorium.
iii) It ismandatoryfor all graduands to pay for the following items, except otherwise indicated, irrespective of whether or not they attend the convocation ceremony:
a) Purchase of Ph.D. Academic Gown (Mandatory for Ph.D. graduands) -N15,000.00
b) Purchase of Academic Outfits (First or Master’s Degree) (optional) -N11,000.00
c) Hire of Academic Outfits (First or Master’s Degrees) -N2,000.00
c) Order of Proceedings -N2,000:00
d) Certificate Scrolls (to be distributed by Alumni Association)N1000.00
e) Certificate Folder for PGN2,500.00
f) Convocation MufflerN900.00
g) University Convocation T-ShirtN1,750.00
h) Registration as an Alumni – PostgraduateN2,500.00
– UndergraduateN2,500.00
iv) Pursuant to (iii) above, the following categories of compulsory charges are available:
(a). Undergraduate:N
i. Hire of Academic Gown 2,000:00
ii. Order of Proceedings 2,000:00
iii. Scroll 1,000:00
iv T/Shirt 1.750:00
v. Muffler (40 thAnniversary) 900:00
vi. Administrative Charges 1000:00
vii. Alumni Registration Charges 2,500:00
i. Hire of Academic Gown 2,000:00
ii. Order of Proceedings 2,000:00
iii. Certificate Folder 2,500:00
iv. Administrative Charges 2,500:00
Total 9,000:00
i. Hire of Academic Gown 2,000:00
ii. Order of Proceedings 2,000:00
iii. Certificate Folder 2,500:00
iv. Administrative Charges 3,500:00
Total: 10,000:00
v) Order of Proceedings, and Certificate Scrolls will be available for collection immediately after the Convocation Lecture on Wednesday, 21st October, 2015 in the respective faculties on presentation of evidence of payment of appropriate charges while the certificates shall be distributed on the convocation days at the Faculty and Postgraduate School
vi) Graduands are expected to attend a rehearsal of the Academic Procession which will hold at 4.00 p.m. on Sunday, 18thOctober, 2015 in the premises of the University Auditorium.
vii) It is compulsory for all graduands who will attend the convocation ceremonies to participate in the Academic Procession and wear the approved academic outfits. On the days of Convocation, Academic gowns are limited and will be distributed on 1stcome 1stserved basis.
viii) All graduands are expected to be formally dressed in full English wear (i.e. suit, shirt and tie for men and skirt suit/skirt and blouse or gown for ladies) OR full national dress.
ix) Graduands hiring academic gowns are expected to pay a refundable deposit of two thousand, five hundred Naira (N2,500.00)in cashto their Faculty OfficersORsubmit to their respective Faculty Officers a Guarantor Form duly completed by a staff member of the University. This payment is outside the non- refundable fee of N2,000.00 in (iiic) above, please.
x)All hired gowns should be returned by the graduands to their respective Faculty Officers not later than Tuesday 27thOctober, 2015. Gowns returned after that date will attract a fine of Fifty Naira (N50.00) per day.

i) Graduands should make their payment with Automated Teller Machine. The (ATM) cards acceptable for use are master and verve cards. Each granduand should ensure that the amount in their account is up to the value of the required convocation charges before loging into the Unilorin portal for payment.
a) Based on (iv) (a – c) above, first degree graduands are to pay a total sum of eleven thousand, one hundred and fifty Naira (N11,150.00), Higher Degree graduands (excluding Ph.D.) Nine thousand Naira (N9, 000.00) while Ph.D. graduands, are to pay Ten thousand Naira (N10,000.00) only. Candidates would be expected to pay bank charges of two hundred and fifty Naira (N250.00) in addition to these charges.
Payment for the Convocation materials in iii (a – h) above shall commence from Tuesday 13th October, 2015. Graduands are advised to pay early so as to avoid last minute rush.

Interested graduands are to note that while the purchase of the University’s academic gown is mandatory for PhD. graduands at a negotiated price of Fifteen Thousand Naira (N15, 000.00) only, Master’s and first degree graduands are encouraged to purchase theirs at a negotiated price of Eleven Thousand Naira Only (N11,00).
While purchase of academic gowns by First and Master’s Degree graduands is optional, acquisition of the gowns for personal use is encouraged as a mark of permanent identification with the University of Ilorin.
Graduands wishing to purchase academic gowns, are advised to pay the appropriate sum directly to Messrs Ola Dandy Tailors & Co., 33, Oke-Bola Road, Ibadan (Zenith Bank Plc, Dugbe Branch Account No: 1011711062 – Ola Dandy Tailors & Company), makers of the gown. To facilitate the procurement of individual gowns, each graduand is required to contact Messrs Ola Dandy Tailors & Co., on+2348028990229and +2348059202500

On arrival on the campus, all graduands are required to register as members with the University of Ilorin Alumni Association at the National Alumni Secretariat, University of Ilorin. The University encourages its Alumni to be committed to theiralma mater.To this end, release of certificate is dependent on evidence of registration.


E. D. Obafemi

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